Audience Marketing 101:
Your #1 Competitive Weapon in 2018! 
Free Webinar - Learn how to grow your business with an audience first marketing approach! 
Instructor: Pam Moore
Pam Moore Founder Marketing Nutz
CEO Marketing Nutz - Social media, digital marketing & branding consulting agency. Keynote speaker, Forbes Top 5 Social Media Power Influencer & Top 10 Digital Marketers to Watch in 2017. 25+ yrs experience helping startups to Fortune 10 brands achieve their goals and connect with their audience in a human way! 
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WHY Audience Marketing?
Why you must embrace audience marketing if you want results in 2018!
Audience Marketing 101
Learn the why, what and how of Audience Marketing for business of all sizes. 
3 Easy Ways to Get Started
Learn the top 3 easy ways you can start using Audience Marketing Today!
How to  Segment your Audience
Learn tips, strategies, do's and dont's to segment and prioritize your audience.
Buyer Personas 101
Learn how to develop buyer personas to increase ROI on all of your marketing!
Audience Marketing Tools
Learn best tools and tech to find, prioritize & connect with your audience. 
Audience Marketing Relationship to Social Media 
Why you must understand audience marketing to be successful with social media. 
 Audience Marketing Maximizes Every $1 Spent on Facebook Ads
Don't spend a dime on ads without audience marketing!
Audience Marketing Myths Busted! 
We'll break down the myths that scare you away from Audience 1st Marketing! You can do it even if you're brand new to marketing and social media! 
This training is designed for a 101 level audience. It teaches the foundations for understanding what it means to adopt an Audience First Marketing approach and how to get started!
Zoom Past Your Competition Right Into the Hearts of Your Dream Customers with Audience First Marketing
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