Ignite Your Social Media and Business in 2018! 
Stomp your competition in 2018 by tapping into the power of social media, content marketing, influencer marketing and branding.

This is the most comprehensive & efficient social media training system + member community for small business, entrepreneurs, consultants, network marketers, and corporate marketing teams! 

High quality video training & tutorials for social media, digital marketing, content marketing & branding. 

Taught by Pam Moore, CEO / Founder Marketing Nutz, & Forbes Top 5 Social Media Power Influencer.
Designed for the Busy Business Leader!
Who is Social Profit Factor For?
  • Small business owners
  •  Entrepreneurs
  •  Social media consultants
  •  Digital marketers
  •  Consultants 
  •  Corporate marketing teams
  •  Corporate sales teams
  •  Executives
  •  Network marketers
  •  Coaches
The Fast Track to Social Media Business Success
Do YOU have social media problems? 
  • Overwhelmed with constantly changing social networks & technology?
  • Unclear what social networks, audience and content to focus on?
  • No set goals or metrics for success?
  •  Wasted money on paid advertising and content marketing. 
  • Wasted money on classes with 50 random videos that don't help you?  
  •  Can't get support of stakeholders or needed budget? 
  •  Not sure how to build your business or personal brand online? 
  •  Not seeing any business results on your investment in social media?
We have THE answer!
  • Proven SYSTEM with step-by-step blueprint for social media for business success!  
  • Private Member Support Community for questions, support & networking!
  •  Quickly master top social networks & strategies to grow your business
  •  Develop an executable plan + metrics for success within 30-60 days! 
  •  Learn from experts who walk the walk + proven track record.
  • Set goals & prioritize what matters most. 
  • Learn tools and strategies to conduct affordable audience research.
  • Leverage data to prioritize your audience, market, content, and social networks.  
  • Build a plan that wins budget & support of investors, stakeholders, partners.
Forbes Top 5 Social Media Power Influencer
Meet Your Trainer, Pam Moore!
  • Keynote speaker, trainer & consultant to Fortune 10 brands & small business. 
  • Forbes Top 5 Social Media Influencer, 2017 Digital Marketers to Watch! 
  • 20+ yrs experience in B2B & B2C - technology, data storage, services, beauty, education, risk management, real estate, manufacturing, ecommerce.
  • 1+ million social connections, Pam walks the walk, not just talks the talk.
  •  Pam Moore and Marketing Nutz leading industry by 18+ months for 7+ yrs
  •  Spent 15+ years in corporate America at startups to Fortune 50 brands including GE, Hitachi, IBM, Sun Microsystems, StorageTek, Bisk Education
  •   Social Zoom Factor podcast 235+ episodes downloaded 100k times / month 
  •   The most successful brands in the world have relied on Pam to understand the social ecosystem including IBM, Sony, Lowes Home Improvement, Chic-Fil-A, Loreal, Redken, British Council, Laser Spine Institute, Pinot's Palette, GolfWeek, RE/Max, Service Master, Holiday Inn, SCORE Mentors and loads more. 
Course Details
Achieve Measurable Business Results with Social Media, FAST! 
  •  Social Media 101 
  •  Social Media Strategy 
  •  Audience Marketing Strategy
  •  Content Marketing Strategy
  • Measurement & Reporting
  •  Micro-Influencer Marketing
  •  Facebook Marketing
  •  Facebook Advertising 
  •  Instagram Marketing
  •  LinkedIn Marketing
  •  Twitter Marketing 
  •  Snapchat Marketing 
  •  Business Branding
  •  Personal Branding
  •  Live Video Marketing 
  •  Small Business Local Marketing
  •  Pinterest Marketing
  •  and more... 

Social Media 101 

Introduction to core foundations of social media marketing, community building, audience marketing, goal setting. Intro to our proprietary methodology for creating social media strategies, followed by overview of each of the top social networks, blogging and email marketing. Includes best practices for engagement, security settings and more. 

Facebook Marketing 

Master Facebook Marketing for business. Basic 101 to advanced strategies & tactics. We start with Facebook history, key terms, components and apps. Setup, optimization of Facebook Pages, Groups, customer service via Pages, community growth, publishing content, organic vs paid reach, recommended tools, goal setting, strategy, measuring success, Facebook insights, and loads more! 

Social Media Strategy  

Develop your own social media strategy, plan and tactics using our own proprietary methodology we have used with 100's of brands from entrepreneurs to Fortune 10 brands. Understand components of social media strategic and tactical planning, set priorities and SMART goals, KPIs that align to business goals. Allocating time and budget, how to get stakeholders on board. Steps to conduct a self-audit and competitive comparison plus more.

Facebook Advertising

It is now a pay to play social world. Learn to leverage paid advertising to grow community, generate leads and sales!  Dig deep to Facebook Ads Manager, Billing, organize and setup campaigns, ad sets and ads. Tutorials to create ad and ad placements. Options for advertising on Facebook, and different types of ads. Cover best practices for ad management, optimization, monitoring performance, analytics and more!

Audience Marketing 

Learn how to develop your own custom audience marketing strategy and plan using our proprietary methodologies. Includes 101 to  mastery level content. We dig deep into target marketing fundamentals, market segmentation strategies, market research on a tight budget, understanding the buyers journey 101 and even how to develop buyer personas / customer avatars so you can better serve your audience! 

Facebook Live Video  

Maximize organic reach to your target audience with Facebook Live Video! Basic 101 to advanced strategies to inspire, empower and activate your ideal customer with video. Strategy, goal setting, maximizing reach during live video and post video production with Facebook ads, content, engagement. We all geek out together on the tools and technology! Learn to maximize every video by distributing to other networks such as YouTube, website, blogs and more!  

Content Marketing  

Develop your own content marketing strategy and plan. 101 to advanced strategies and tactics using our proprietary methodologies. We bring together the work you do in strategy, audience marketing, branding courses to develop content strategy that supports your business goals. Includes goal setting, content organization, market research, mapping audience needs to content development, prioritize mediums, content types, content calendars, scheduling content, tools, technology and more! .

Instagram Marketing 

Everything you need to know to tap into power of Instagram using visual marketing, Stories and live video to increase brand awareness, sales and engage community! Setup your account or convert personal account to a business account, find and use Hashtags, content creation and publishing. Instagram advertising, contests, using 3rd party apps. Develop your visual marketing strategy using work you did in strategy, audience, content and branding course then optimize it all with Instagram and 3rd party analytics. 

Business Branding 

Develop your own branding strategy, plan and brand architecture using our proprietary methodologies. Regardless if you are brand new to marketing or a veteran, we will take you to the next level quickly. Learn how to quickly facilitate your extended team, investors or management buy-in. You won't need an expensive brand strategist after this course!  Develop your brand story and key messaging documents that you will use in every facet of your marketing. You will never struggle again with how to describe your business or instruct a web designer or PR manager to best communicate your brand purpose and promise! 

LinkedIn Marketing 

Master LinkedIn marketing for business and personal brand development. We'll teach you the same strategies and tactics Pam Moore has used to grow her following organically on LinkedIn to 300,000! 101 to advanced strategies including how to setup, optimize your profile and company pages for maximum organic reach and SEO advantage. We'll cover showcase Pages, groups, lead generation and publishing long form content. Explore best practices for business development, sales, relationship building. Learn to leverage the best free and paid features to grow your business!

Personal Branding 

People buy from people. Learn how to build the brand of you that empowers you to organically attract your ideal audience to grow your business. Connect the dots between your business and personal brand. Create your brand promise, personal brand message platform and brand story. Then incorporate everything you learned in the strategy, content, audience and business branding courses to maximize your personal brand for business success! Tips for design of your social profiles plus Photoshop templates for the top social networks! 

Twitter Marketing

Tap into the power of Twitter marketing to extend reach, grow community, increase brand awareness, generate leads & more! Pam Moore shares the exact strategies she used to build her business, brand and following to 1 million across social channels including 300k on Twitter! Twitter has been the powerhouse behind our agency, brand, content distribution, blog, podcast growth. 101 to advanced level features and strategies. From how to setup account, send a tweet to launching your own Tweet Chat, using native Twitter video, sizing visuals, integration with social networks, 3rd party tools +more!

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Learn 101 to advanced strategies of micro-influencer marketing for small and medium business. Tap into the power of the OPC (other people's content & community) with influencer marketing. Deep dive on strategy, tools, how to identify influencers to work with, how to reach out to them, build a relationship that is sustainable. Select the right influencers for your industry and niche to increase amplification, awareness, leads and sales! 

Snapchat Marketing

Learn basic 101 to advanced features of Snapchat for business. Starts with history and foundational features. Explore if Snapchat is a fit for your business by exploring demographics and adoption trends. Learn how to setup account or optimize your current account, create a Snapcode to share on other social pages and profiles, create your first story. Learn best photo / video editing methods. Also cover community growth, advertising, analytics and more.  

Measurement & Reporting

Take everything you learned up to this point and now maximize every dollar and minute spent! We are data geeks and LOVE getting deep in the data to help even non-marketing geeks understand the power of KPIs, metrics, reach, conversion data to grow your business. We'll teach you to connect the dots, measure results and ensure your actions and investments are driving best business results possible. We'll dig into native social network tools and analytics as well as 3rd party platforms. 

Pinterest Marketing

Explore if Pinterest is a fit for your business. Starts with history and foundations to explore how Pinterest differs from other networks, how to leverage to grow your business, maximize SEO, connect emotionally with your audience, generate leads & sales. Learn to create amazing boards, visuals and content that gets followed. We'll dive into rich pins, how to increase website traffic and sales! We'll get geeky in the advertising platform and analytics inside of Pinterest plus 3rd party measurement and scheduling tools.  

Local Small Business Marketing

Learn how to grow your business at the local level. Leverage everything you learned in other courses including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, content, branding, audience marketing develop a local marketing strategy that taps into built in features of top social networks. Learn tactics to implement immediately to build brand awareness, extend reach, generate leads, sales, co-marketing with other business, and build relationships locally both online and offline. 

Live Video Marketing

Learn basic 101 to advanced strategies to leveraging live video to increase brand awareness, grow community, generate leads and sales. Explore the top platforms for live video such as Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube and Periscope. Learn how to incorporate live video content into your strategy to better connect with your audience in a human way. We'll get super geeky and help you select the best video and audio equipment for your budget and goals! 
More than training, it's a success SYSTEM!
Most Flexible
12 Payments of $79

    Best Value!
    One Payment of $797
    Save $151
      The System, Path & Blueprint for Success!
      How You Benefit? 
      • Generate leads and increase sales! 
      •  Increase brand awareness for your business
      • Make data driven decisions with confidence & clarity
      •  Gain competitive edge - know how you stack up to competition  
      •  Increase ROI across all facets of marketing investment  
      •  Establish thought leadership and trust 
      •  Build community to create a movement 
      •  Ignite evangelists to help amplify your story and brand 
      •  Feel confident in how you present yourself and your brand online 
      •  Better connect with your audience in a human, authentic way 
      •  Improve customer satisfaction by servicing customers where they are
      •  Get stakeholders and partners on board with your plan
      •  Save time and money by shortening timeframe to learn and profit from social media! 
      Training +  Member Community + Resources! 
      Planning & Execution! 
      Develop your own custom strategy, plan & tactics for execution. Social media, audience, content marketing, branding, personal branding & more! 
      Master Top Social Networks!
      Learn the basics 101 to mastery of the top social networks! Includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more! 
      Private Support Community Available 365, 24/7! 
      VIP Pre-launch Includes lifetime access to exclusive Social Profit Factor private support community & Facebook Group - $3,132+ value! 
      Social Media Learning System
      • Online Learning Academy, Private Member Community + loads of resources & templates. 
      •  Basic 101 to advanced training on top social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Live Video, Facebook advertising + more
      •  Includes social media strategy, audience marketing, content marketing, business and personal branding, micro-influencer marketing, measurement & loads more! 
      •  Detailed supporting worksheets, cheat sheets and reference guides 
      •  Private Support Community staffed by Marketing Nutz keeps you on track
      •  Bi-weekly live video Q/A covering hot topics, deep dives, guest speakers 
      •  Videos broken down into 10-15 minute small chunks for easy consumption
      •  18+ courses delivered via video, tutorials - recorded in high definition with quality audio! 
      •  Viewable on any mobile device, tablet or desktop. Even tracks where you left off! 
      Private Support Community!
      •  Leverage the power of community for support, motivation and feedback!
      •  Bi-weekly live video training and Q/A sessions for hot social media, technology, industry news, case studies, deep dives - includes industry leading guest speakers
      •   Community staffed by Marketing Nutz community managers  
      •  You're never out on a social media island, always have support community 
      •  Quickly get unstuck when problems arise with quick answers from people like you!
      •  Network and form awesome relationships to grow your brand and business
      Resources for Success
      Stay on track with resources to keep you motivated and focused. Augment video training modules! All resources easily downloaded from learning system. The same resources we use in our agency to serve small business up to large corporations! 
      •  Worksheets
      •  Guidebooks
      •  White papers
      •  Templates
      •  Audio bonus training
      •  Loads more! 

      What Will You Learn? 
      • Basic 101 level to Mastery level understanding of the top social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and more! 
      •  Foundational and advanced social media strategy development, audience marketing, content marketing, brand development, personal branding, micro-influencer marketing and social media measurement
      •  Develop your own social media strategy, plan and tactics for execution 
      •  Set and measure social media goals, KPIs, aligned to your business 
      •  Prioritize where to focus and increase ROI 
      •  Conduct a self-audit of your existing social media program to identify areas of opportunity for improvement
      •  Learn to leverage social media and branding to inspire and connect with target audiences to win hearts, minds and markets! 
      •  Setup effective social media advertising campaigns/ promotions 
      •  Develop custom social media, audience marketing, branding, personal branding, micro-influencer marketing, local marketing, and individual social network plans, and prioritized tactics for execution
      •   We help you work smarter, not just harder! 
      $7,500+ in Bonuses!
      • Lifetime access to updated content ($5,500+ value) 
      •  1 Year VIP Membership to Private Facebook Community ($1,200+ value)
      •   Social Brand Make-Over Up-sell only $299 ($1,000 value)
      Go At Your Own Pace! 
      • Social Profit Factor is designed so you can  go as fast or slow as you want
      •  All training is provided via a beautiful online learning system available 24/7, 365 days of the year - access it anywhere, anytime you want
      •  100% mobile responsive design provides a seamless experience on any mobile device, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer 
      •  Private support community and Marketing Nutz staff are available to help you stay motived and on track to achieving your goals 
      •  Social Profit Factor tracks your progress making it easy for you to pick up where you left off and easily identify what courses, modules and lessons you have completed or need to complete 
      How is Social Profit Factor Different?
      •   NO other system like it on the market that provides the structured roadmap for success, backed by experience and proven strategies and tactics for success! 
      •  Courses taught by Pam Moore, an industry leading social media thought leader, international keynote speaker ranked by Forbes as a top 5 Power Influencer
      •  Marketing Nutz and Pam Moore have been leading the industry by 18+ months for 7+ years 
      •  You are in good hands with Pam and her co-founder, Josh Moore who have 40+ years combined business and marketing experience. They're backed by a team of social media experts to serve YOU!
      •  Competitive offerings provide the pieces but NO roadmap or guidance on how they fit together 
      •  Social Profit Factor provides a step-by-step compass and map empowering business and marketing leaders to conduct their own self-audit to be used as a baseline and then develop a customized social media strategy and plan with appropriate tactics to achieve desired objectives
      •  Training content is available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Go at your own pace and access from anywhere you have internet connection
      •  Strategies and tactics taught have been tested by hundreds of business and Marketing Nutz clients for years - you can benefit from these same strategies at a fraction of the cost! 
      •  100% mobile responsive system provides a seamless experience across mobile devices, tablets, smartphones and desktop computers
      •  18+ courses delivered via video training and tutorials plus supporting resources and guides are continuously updated with the latest industry best practices and social network updates 
      •  The first version of this academy has already been launched with Loreal / Redken and is available in a private learning system for 150k+ Redken Salons and Stylists!
      We Figured It Out! 
      15+ years in corporate America + 7 years running a successful marketing agency, we created a formula and system to finally make your social media program a success! 

      We saw a need that was not being fulfilled by any agency or training program. We now have taken what we know works for any size business and made it affordable for even the smallest of businesses and entrepreneurs! 

      If you have a desire to succeed and are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work, then this is the program for you!

      It's time you finally master social media for business and gain a serious competitive advantage! 

      Grab your seat today as this deal is only valid for a limited time. 
      Limited Time Offer! 
      Most Flexible
      12 Payments of $79

        Best Value!
        One Payment of $797
        Save $151
          Learn at Your Own Pace, Anytime, Anywhere! 
          Online Video Training + $3,500 worth of bonuses
          What do others have to say?  
          Sandy Carter
          CEO, Silicon Blitz & Chairman, Girls in Tech
          "Social media matters. It must be part of your business for it to grow. The Social Profit Factor online training academy teaches businesses how to use social in a way that forms relationships with their clients. While profit is a main by product, I love the fact that purpose shines through all that this course and its founders do. If you are a start-up, ongoing business, or even a large enterprise, you MUST take this training." 
          Jay Baer
          President, Convince & Convert 
          "Pam and her team are the real deal. They'll give you the ins and outs of social media that make you money, save you money, or both. 
          Teresita Chavez-Pedrosa, Esq.
          Co-Producer Social Media Week Miami Eventcrowd General Counsel and Head of Media Relations
          "Social Profit Factor makes social media easy to master. This program is a gift to business owners! I have heard so many people through the years say that they don’t know where to begin; or how to take their social media presence to the next level. Well, Social Profit Factor is how. Finally as one of the organizers of Social Media Week Miami, a conference where we explore cutting edge technologies and practices in communications, I can attest that Pam Moore, co-creator of Social Profit Factor, is a social media marketing expert and an enthusiastic teacher! You are going to love learning from Pam!  
          Mark Schaefer
          Educator, consultant & author of The Content Code 
          "Pam Moore succeeds because she cares so deeply about helping others. That sensibility comes through in every moment of her training program.  " 
          John Lee Dumas
          Founder, Entrepreneur on Fire, Author, Speaker
          "Pam Moore gets social media, hands down! She not only “talks the talk”, she “walks the walk”. Whether teaching and sharing entry level knowledge, or discussing complex business shifts in the social marketplace, she is in tune and always ready to help. Her down to earth personality and clear communication makes her a great fit for business of all size. She is an amazing teacher, speaker and instructor and will help you succeed! Jump in her community, you won’t be sorry!"  
          Michael Brenner
          Speaker, Author, CEO Marketing Insider Group 
          "There is no one in the business who knows how to empower you and your team to deliver social media success more than Pam Moore. If you are looking for the roadmap to social media success, Pam's Social Profit Factor Academy will make you a social media rockstar!"  
          Phil Mershon
          Director of Events, Social Media Examiner
          "Listen to Pam Moore. She has tested the ideas she teaches with many customers. Now she's making it available to small businesses. Solid Gold." 
          David Blundell
          Global Social Media Manager, British Council
          "I worked with Pam Moore for over two years and she really helped me and my team understand how to use social media effectively within a large global organization like the British Council. She has immense knowledge and insight and really understands what your social media customer wants and best responds to. I will never forget her OPC dance either ! In a world where many people proclaim themselves experts, Pam is the real deal!" 
          Ian Cleary
          Founder, Razor Social
          "Pam is a world leading expert in marketing online and her training programs are the best you can find globally. Well worth the investment." 
          Ravi Shukle
          Director of Events, Social Media Examiner
          "Having worked in the social media industry for the last 10 years I can honestly say Pam's wealth of knowledge and experience is an asset to any company, entrepreneur or marketer looking to grow their business using social media. By joining the Social Profit Factor you not only get access to this wealth of information, but also practical advice and guidelines on how you can build a thriving business using social media. The best part is you can view the videos and learn in your own time." 
          Glen Gilmore
          Author, Faculty Member Rutgers University School of Business
          "I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Pam Moore over the years. She is a bright and engaging leader in the social media marketing space. I am pleased to recommend Pam and her team as top-notch instructors in the latest social media marketing best practices. Pam is smart, talented, reliable - and can be counted upon to deliver the latest lessons for leveraging social media for business!" 
          Bess Auer
          Founder, Florida BlogCon
          "I'm excited about the Social Profit Factor Training Academy because very few people in the world know more about social listening, integration, and strategy than Pam Moore and her Marketing Nutz. To be able to access that knowledge at a fraction of what the big brands pay is a game-changer."  
          Josh Murdock
          Professor, Instructional Designer, Influencer
          "Both Pam and Josh from Marketing Nutz know how to build a community through engagement, content and personal touch. The skills, ideas and secrets you will learn from them will bring value hard to find in any other academy. Plus, you will be part of a greater community to share, learn from and connect with to help grow your business."  
          Chris Yates
          CEO, Huddle Productions
          "Pam Moore was an early adopter in social media. She is always on top of the latest trends in this space. When I interact with Pam online I come away inspired and more knowledgeable. I highly recommend anything that Pam is doing."  
          Still have questions? 
          Here's some answers!
          I cant get everything done that I need to as it is?
          How can I possibly have time to do this? We know you are slammed. The last thing we want to do is add another project that doesn’t completely change the success path of your business. The way we see it, we cant imagine that you CAN'T do this.

          If someone told you that you can DOUBLE your business if you dedicate time invested in a system for your business, would you do it? Of course! Well then…. DO IT! We all have 24 hours in a day, and as a business owner you must maximize every minute spent and prioritize time invested for you and your staff. This system has long ranging positive effects on your business outlook.
          I understand if I put in the work and execute the systems I WILL see drastic results - but how much time is this really going to take?  
          Remember, the goal is to have every hour you invest in learning and implementing the recommendations provided in Social Profit Factor fully optimized to give you the best return on learning possible. The below summarizes what to expect. 
          When the doors open to the academy you will immediately have access to 6 courses including Social Media 101, Social Media Strategy Development, Audience Marketing Strategy, Influencer Marketing and Facebook Mastery. We will then guide you on the path to completing these courses and the assigned homework before you move to the next phase of courses which will begin rolling out one month after purchase.  You will receive email reminders to keep you motivated and on track. You will have access to all courses within approximately 60 days. We will average the release of one to two new classes per week. 

          There is about 70 hours of training inside the program, broken up into easily digestible subjects, modules and courses. This is a system that is built to have structure and guide you at your own pace. The foundational modules will take about 6 hours if watched from beginning to end. After foundation and strategy courses, you can pick and choose what courses best fit your business needs at that time. All courses in our system track your progress, and allow you to pick up where you left off.
          Will I be on a deadline to start the course?
          No, there is no deadline. You can go at your own pace and go as fast or slow as you want. We want you to gain the most value possible.
          Is the training delivered live?
          All courses are available for you inside Social Profit Factor via recorded videos, video tutorials and audio. You can go at at your own pace and access the training anytime, from anywhere you have an internet connection!  We do live training on the private Facebook member community via Facebook live and also will be using a webinar platform from time to time depending on the type of content being delivered. All live training are also uploaded to the academy and shared for you to watch at your convenience.
          Will it work?
          We understand and think this is a logical question to ask, so let us give you the answer. Will this work if you join us, and then don’t participate? NO! Will this change your business if you join us, and participate in even a small portion of our programs? YES! We built Social Profit Factor based off a proven social business system that we have been delivering to clients for 7+ years. This is a PROVEN path to success, and we are giving you all the agency secrets and tactics that we have proven in hundreds of client programs and campaigns. You are getting access to these methodologies, strategies and tactics for a tiny fraction of the cost of what our clients have paid. 
          When are the courses available? 
          When you enroll you get immediate access to 6 of the foundational and strategic courses including Social Media 101, Social Media Strategy Development, Audience Marketing Strategy, Micro-Influencer Marketing and Facebook Mastery. From there you will get weekly to bi-weekly releases of the additional courses. You will receive email reminders to keep you motivated and on track. The foundational strategy courses are fundamental to your learning and should be completed before you move into the social network specific courses. Social Profit Factor is designed as a system. We are confident in our methodologies and know that the path we provide you for learning and development of your strategy, plans and tactics will deliver business results. It is not about hopping onto Facebook or Twitter and sending a few tweets. Social Profit Factor is designed to provide you the compass and map to integrate social media into your business to help you achieve your business goals. There is about 70 hours of training inside the program, broken up into easily digestible subjects, modules and courses. This is a system that is built to have structure and guide you at your own pace. The foundational modules will take about 6 hours if watched from beginning to end. After foundation and strategy courses, you can pick and choose what courses best fit your business needs at that time. All courses in our system track your progress, and allow you to pick up where you left off.
          I’m just not sure I’m ready to make this investment
          We totally get it. Investment in Social Profit Factor equates to quite a few trips to the coffee shop. And you may have made similar investments in other training or systems. Here’s what we also get – the members that are already in Social Profit Factor claim that this is the single best investment they have made this year and that our training is literally saving them 2+ years of time! We are changing the way people approach social business, and helping drive revenue for their business. That makes people happy!
          How do I pay?
          We have a secure payment portal that accepts any major credit card. If you would like to pay via a different method, please contact [email protected] and we will get you taken care of!
          Can I pay via Paypal? 
          Yes, you can pay for the One Time Payment option via Paypal. Qualified buyers can also benefit from Paypal's 6 Months Financing. If interested, simply click here and you'll be taken directly to the payment page. Please allow 2-24 hours for us to set you up in the training academy if Paypal payment is made. If you have additional questions, please contact [email protected]
          Do you offer a discount for non-profit organizations?
          Yes, we sure do! We offer a 10% discount for all non-profit organizations. Please contact [email protected] and we will get you all set up. 
          I’m enrolled! Now what?
          Once your purchase is complete you’ll be sent your login details to the Social Profit Factor membership site.  We will provide you a welcome video and step-by-step instruction to get started off on the right foot. Each course has learning objectives, a detailed curriculum and supporting resources. You will also receive email reminders as you move through the course, making sure you You will also be sent information on how to join the private Facebook member community. This is where live training and social media news/updates are shared and you get to connect with other business owners and marketers that are passionate about driving social success.
          What if I find the program isn’t for me? Can I get a refund?
          Of course! We stand behind the content we teach 100%. Here’s the thing – we are providing you instant access to tens of thousands of dollars of product and knowledge. We have a system that needs to be followed for success. If you feel that after you have completed the first four courses (yes, of course we can see your progress! ) as well as completed your “POST” worksheet and one other strategy document of your choice within 60 days, and still feel that you have not gotten your money’s worth, we will give a full refund. We would like to speak with you on the phone to understand the situation before offering the refund so that we can learn what we can do to help. We consider our system a supported partnership, and hold ourselves, as well as you accountable for success with the tools we provide. If you aren’t committed to making a program work, and are concerned about getting your money back without completing a few modules, this isn’t the program for you. 
          Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?
          Not if you don’t want to, but our Facebook group is where many of our conversations, support questions and conversation with other members happens. It is where you’re going to form relationships with people who can give examples and cases studies, support your business, or form potential partnerships. We encourage everyone to join our Facebook Group because it drives IMMENSE value.
          If you’re just not sure… or if other social media online classes have left you stuck and frustrated - and maybe feeling ripped off, we want you to know we’re here and we care.

          We want to give you absolutely no reason not to give this a try, and make your social media perform PROFITABLY. Our industry usually pushes a 30 day money back guarantee. There is no way that you can follow this system and know within 30 days if it delivering results. So – let's give you 60! After 60 days you should be making amazing progress and have begun to transform your approach to social media. 

          If you contact us within 60 days to show us that you have followed the system (and can show us proof), have completed your modules, including the POST worksheet (yes, we can track your progress!) and for some crazy reason STILL haven’t seen any progress, then we'll be happy to return the investment. However, you DO have to do the work. We both have skin in the game. 

          Social Profit Factor is only for business owners and marketers who are committed to driving a proven system for success for their business, NOT lookey loos, and folks with money to burn looking for a silver bullet who get frustrated when they learn there is no "easy button." 

          Be certain, we will hold you accountable on the last point - you have to do the work and put the strategies into place to be eligible for a refund. We are helping you absolutely change your business outlook and secure your digital future. Our primary goal is your huge success on social media- for your competition to think you’re paying thousands of dollars to someone or an agency to execute your social programs, and for your audience to be overjoyed with your content. If a tough conversation is needed to get you there, we are glad to have it. If after we talk and you really are disappointed, we will get you right or get you a refund.
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