3 Easy Steps to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved & Boss on Board with Your Plan
Get your boss, c-suite, & colleagues on board with your social media plan! 
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Your Host: Pam Moore 
"Pam Marketing Nut"
Pam is the Founder & CEO of Marketing Nutz, a Social media training & consulting firm that specializes in new media and digital branding. She is a global keynote speaker, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and New York Times best-selling book author. 

Pam trains and consults thousands of people per year for organizations of all size, from solo entrepreneur to Fortune 5 companies. She “walks the walk” with leadership in the digital media space and has a leading blog, top ranked podcast and massive social media audience that she is thankful for every day!

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Get your social media budget approved! 

Get the budget & support you need fast with these proven methodologies!
What you'll learn on this free training... 
Get your budget approved
The EXACT steps you need to take to get your social marketing budget approved fast!
How to get your boss and colleagues on board!
How to get your boss, colleagues, stakeholders and even your board of directors on board and excited! 
Easy as 1-2-3
No need to over complicate it. You will learn the 3 steps you must have if you want to earn and win your budget both short and long term. 
What not to do
What not to do is as important as what to do. Learn the risks and land mines that may be keeping you from success. 
Setting goals
How to set and choose goals that are realistic and will not only help you succeed but earn the respect and support you deserve.  
Measurement Matters
How to select the right metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure and prove results. 
*Learn how to get your boss on board with your social media strategy and plan!
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