What To Consider When Starting A Business?

The procedure for making printed paper bags is simple. It is a great business for housewives or home-stayed parents as it requires a small start-up investment. Any individual can start this business both full-time and part-time. 

Paper bags are commonly used for packaging materials. The textile and cloth merchants, dry cleaners, bakers, grocers, stationers, confectioners use these bags regularly.

These printed paper bags hold up to 20 kgs of load without getting ripped up.

There are a few things one need to consider when starting a business:-

Printed Paper Bag Market Survey 

Industry experts say the global paper bag market is growing at a moderate rate every year. A strong and developing retail sector in developed areas, increasing demand for printed paper bags across regions, and growing insight of retail outlets in rising economies are the factors contributing to the arising of paper bags markets, globally. 

Today, many governments are becoming environment-sensitive. Big businesses are also being considered to follow eco-friendly productions. Since polythene carry bags are banned, the demand for printed paper bags is rooting very fast.

Printed Paper Bag Manufacturing Process

The process of making paper bags depends on the capacity and weight of the products needed to carry. Appropriately, you need to work with a variety of papers with different GSM and tearing strengths.

The following steps need consideration:-

  • Using cutting machines to cut properly sized paper
  • Printing the paper, as required
  • Using automatic bag making machine for making bags via folding, pasting, and shearing
  • Punching
  • Eyelet fitting
  • Lace fitting

You can use either a semi-automatic or fully-automatic process according to your preference, production output, and budget. 

Printed Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine Details 

A paper bag making business needs machinery to gain overall success. You need to select the machine per the requirement of production output and the types of bag you want to manufacture.

Different sectors use different types of bags. The paper bags used in textile stores are different from those used in medicine shops. Hence, picking the machinery depends on the industry sectors you aimed for. Also, do consider obtaining a printing machine too, for most of the companies ask to print the company name, logo, and address on the bag’s front.

A semi-automatic paper bag making machine costs Rs. 74,000 and gives a production output capacity of 50 bags per minute.

There is a semi-automatic or fully-automatic unit to consider for manufacturing paper bags. Some of the basic machines include:-

  • Single Slit Slitting unit (the size of the paper from a big width to a small width to
  • manufacture small bags)
  • Paper cutting machine
  • Double Color Flexo printing unit with attachments
  • Flat type size plates and Sachet type size plates
  • Eye letting Machine
  • Bag cutting machine
  • Stereo rollers

Normally, a fully-automatic paper bag-making machine comes with all these machines combined in one unit.