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Writing Guidelines to Submit a Guest post on Get Social Profit Factor

Without the good content, the internet is like a barren land. There will be nothing to look for in the search engines if people do not publish genuine and informative content. At Get Social Profit Factor we have developed a platform where you and everyone else can register and put up great content with ease. Over the span of a few years, we have built a community where people all over the world come together and create exquisite content for the people. We have realized that thousands of people have great potential and passion to create exciting content to spread awareness and allow others to know about what’s happening around them.

We have thousands of registered users from different parts of the world. Our list of users contains individuals of all kinds, from highly qualified bloggers to common people who have a passion for writing good content. If you have the knack of writing and developing good content then you are dearly welcome to join our ever-growing community and submit a post that can help our audience with fruitful information. We have slowly placed ourselves in the list of most popular blogs in the online marketing and blogging industry.

Guideline for Submit Article on Get Social Profit Factor

People love to Write for Us. You might be wondering why you should also be contributing to Get Social Profit Factor, right? Well, have a look at these points and you will get the answer to your question.

  • We have thousands of people subscribed and registered over various platforms including our social media platforms.
  • We get a huge number of page views per day. This ensures that you will get enough exposure if you can create good and top quality content.
  • We accept blog, articles and guest posts from people around the world. We have given an opportunity to all kinds of blogs or content to show their true potential in the community.
  • Our blog has been featured on various Social media platforms and our popularity is increasing every day.
  • Your profile picture will be shown everywhere in our platform along with your content. We also promote your posts on our social media platforms.

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Points to Remember Prior to Write for Us

You must be thinking what could be these important points to remember? Well, actually nothing if you know what is required to post a great content on the internet. Submitting a guest post on Getsocialprofitfactor.com is very easy. To maintain the highest standards of quality and perseverance, we ensure that all the content on our platform is original and accurate. So here are some very important things which you should remember when you publish your great content here.

  • Article length: The quality of the article is the very first thing that will top our priority list. Incomplete or irrelevant information is almost like a half-cooked dish. So you wouldn’t want to read that. You will need to write an original piece and also provide accurate details in it. Also, the word count is preferable to be between 600-1000 words which make an article more readable.
  • Give Courtesy: Make sure that you give credit to the individual work which has helped you to create the content. For images make sure to give the credits to the creator and if you have derived the idea of the content from somewhere, you can give them credits as well.
  • Maintain the Uniqueness: Always remember that at Getsocialprofitfactor.com we maintain a 100% original platform. We never allow anyone to copy someone else’s work and use them claiming it to be their own.
  • Technical things to Remember: Please follow the below mentioned rules to get more engagement and search engine visibility for your article/story-
    • Put Featured Image for every content of your own
    • Put at least one tag per post
    • Put only one category per post
    • Put customized Title and Description to show on Search engine result page
    • Link out to some authority websites like Wikipedia, Forbes, News websites etc.
    • Segment the content in respective sub-headings
    • Put image/s between the content
    • Do not unnecessary stretch the content length

We welcome everyone to Write for Us to help our community grow and connect to people of their interest. If you are willing to join Getsocialprofitfactor.com, then you will need to have a close look at all these important points we have mentioned above. We have aimed to reach out to more people and help even more in the coming days. Our team members are working really hard the entire year to make sure that all the people around the world are getting the most informative and accurate information always. Get in touch with our team at guestblogpost84@gmail.com .