A Beginners Introduction To On-Page SEO

A Beginners Introduction To On-Page SEO

With the rapid changes in technology, there has been a continental shift in the marketing patterns of business owners today. in earlier days, TV’s, radios and other solid forms of advertising like billboards and posters composed the mainstream marketing vogue but since the emergence of the internet, marketing patterns have changed a lot.

Internet is being used by almost all of the world market and this makes the internet a very lucrative platform for marketing because it has a far reach as compared to other marketing platforms. Besides the huge reach, it also allows the marketer to market with much more precision because you can choose the audience whom you want to display the ads. 

With the help of keywords, backlinks, metadata, and other tools, you let the search engine know the niche of your content and depending on your niche, the search engine puts your content in the related network of similar content. These tools form parts of SEO. SEO is the algorithm that the search engine uses to ascertain the rank of the webpage on SERP. 

Thus, if you want to ace digital marketing, you must have a very strong SEO game. Google releases the updates of SEO very frequently and this makes it difficult to get a hang of the best SEO practices. If you want to ace SEO, it is recommended that you hire an SEO agency. If you are looking for SEO packages Sydney best then you must consider Australian Internet Agency. 

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On-page SEO 

This is the most significant factor in organic SEO. Your on-page SEO will be determining whether you would rank for a keyword or not. The on-page SEO consists of various factors like on-page content, section headers, images, media, URL’s and title tags, URLs meta description, etc. if your content of the website is informative and meaningful, then you will rank more for keywords. 

The first step for ranking on a relevant keyword is on-page SEO. If your content is updated and fresh, then you are more likely than others to rank better on the relevant keywords because Google loves updated information. Besides, users would be deceived by the outdated information and this would debilitate the credibility of your content. 

This will in turn decrease backlinks of your page and reduce your rank on the SERP.


On-page SEO is a core aspect of gaining a good rank on the SERP.