Choosing the Best Home Loan – An Easy Guide

A home loan is a secured loan where the house is pledged as collateral. People generally take home loans for buying, constructing, or renovating a house or a flat. Lenders provide a considerable amount of the market value of the property as a loan. You need to repay the money along with interest in instalments. Loans are a commitment, and we need to respect them until the entire amount is repaid to the lender.

Home loans usually have a maximum tenure of 30 years. If you can not repay the amount in time, lenders have the authority to take over your property to recover the money. Hence, it is wise to take each step carefully while applying for a home loan with an attractive interest rate.

You may consider all these factors to apply for the best home loan:

Try to Keep the Loan Tenure Short

Lenders may offer up to 30 years as loan repayment tenure, and you can repay the amount in a small, more manageable amount over the years. However, you would be paying more interest for an extended period.

Ease of Application

Applying for a home loan with attractive interest rates can be difficult. The application and verification phase of the loan application can also be time-consuming and frustrating. The top lenders providing online home loans offer an easy application process, verification, and doorstep service delivery.

Interest Rate

A higher interest rate equates to more repayment amount. Hence, avoid lenders who ask for higher interest rates on home loans. The most preferred lender is one that provides you with the lowest home loan interest rate.

Type of Interest Rate

Home loan lenders offer two types of interest options — Fixed rate and floating rate.

A fixed home loan interest rate will help you plan repayment, while the floating interest rate will adjust according to the market. If you cannot handle increasing interest rates, fixed interest can be your choice for the best home loan.

Floating home loan interest rate gives the flexibility to foreclose the loan by paying the entire amount without paying any extra fees. If you want to repay loans earlier, it may be the best home loan option for you.

Hidden Terms

On the surface, most loans may seem ordinary. However, they may have many hidden costs and terms and conditions. Ask your lender for all terms to choose the best home loan option available.

Foreclosure Charges

No one wants to live under the burden of a home loan. Everyone tries to clear the loan amount as soon as possible and have complete ownership of the house. But lenders stipulate specific terms and conditions and certain charges for such requests. It would be wise to learn about foreclosure and prepayment charges before opting for a home loan.

Processing Fees

Lenders will usually charge you to maintain your home loan account.

If you want to choose the best home loan, you must opt for a lender with the lowest processing charges. It will help decrease additional fees that add up with the home loan to inflate the repayment amount.


Home loans can help you build or renovate your house. While seeking the home loan, you need to analyse numerous factors such as the ease of application, interest rates, and extra charges. Also, make sure that the home loan interest rate and loan tenure are well-suited to your needs.