Different Types Of Thermometers That Can Be Used In Medical Fields

Among all other emergency medical tools, the thermometer comes first. Without a reliable thermometer we won’t be able to measure the accurate temperature of the human body. A medical thermometer can measure the exact temperature of our body so that we can decide whether a person has a fever or not. Here is a point to be noted that not every thermometer is able to produce the right measurement of temperature. So, using any random thermometer in the medical field can show a wrong measurement which can directly mislead the entire treatment.

This is why there are some particular types of thermometers that we can use for medical purposes:-

Non-Contact Medical Thermometer:- In recent days the demand for non-contact thermometers has increased dramatically. In this pandemic situation, this is the best among all other hospital thermometers. This can prevent the Covid exposure and produce an accurate measurement of body temperature. Also, it’s easy to clean and produces quick or instant results.

Digital Thermometer:- This is the epoch of digitalisation. And a great example of this is the invention of the digital thermometer. This thermometer contains a special heat sensor. The biggest benefit of using this thermometer is that it produces super quick results. Today most clinics or hospitals use digital thermometers for their easy and quick application.

Forehead Medical Thermometer:- Today we can see the massive usage of forehead medical thermometer. This is also called by another term “Non-contact infrared thermometer”. This is the most reliable option when it comes to hospital thermometers. Hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, restaurants everywhere we can see the popularity of this special thermometer. The biggest benefit of such a thermometer is that it requires absolutely no physical contact to measure a person’s body temperature. So, in this pandemic era where a thermometer is considered to be a must-have, you can try carrying this special thermometer.

Oral Thermometer:- This is basically an old-school yet efficient tool to measure accurate body temperature. This comes with an average reading scale but when it comes to accuracy you can trust the measurement. This thermometer is basically considered to be a home-thermometer. This is not something that could be used by more than one person at a time. As we can’t sanitise this thermometer properly, so if you are using this one make sure it’s not getting exposed to any other person.

Thus to conclude, all these thermometers are acceptable in medical fields. Choose what suits your criteria the best.