How to Play Double Solitaire In 2022

The double Solitaire is like the classic solitaire but with double players and decks. The addition of a deck and a player makes the card game competitive and strategic. The game sometimes becomes tricky as well.

Double solitaire is the best option for people who are experts at playing solitaire. By playing this game they will get a fresh start on solitaire. As it is not a single-player game, you can ask your expert solitaire friends to play with you.

But if you do not know about Double solitaire yet then do not go anywhere. Here we will discuss what double solitaire is, its rules, and how to play it. So let’s dive in.

What is Double Solitaire?

Double solitaire has the same rules that a classic solitaire has. The difference is that double solitaire takes 2 decks and 2 players at the same time. Each player tries to add cards from their table side to the card piles in the middle. 

The main key to winning Double Solitaire is Speed. A Player also knows how to play under pressure as a single wrong move can give the opponent a chance to win. If you are familiar with the James Bond Card game then you can easily understand the concept of Double Solitaire.

The objective of Double Solitaire

The main objective of double solitaire is to sort the shuffled deck into numerical and suit order. Also, to win it is important to play more cards into the foundation than the opponent.

Basics of Double Solitaire

Here are some basic concepts of double solitaire that beginners must know. So have a look.

  • 2 players are allowed to play the game at a time
  • Both teens and adults can play it
  • The difficulty level of double solitaire is Hard
  • The length of double solitaire is 5 to 30 minutes according to skill level
  • The concept of double solitaire is the same as Trigon, Gold Rush, and Lady Jane

Rules to Play Double Solitaire

Here are the main rules to play double solitaire.

  • Cards are dealt to each player in an identical arrangement (ascending number of cards from left to right). The bottom card of each pile is always face up
  • Players move cards from the Table to the shared foundation. The beginning card is the Ace of each suit. Also both the players have the same 8 Foundations
  • One card is revealed at a time from the draw pile
  • Cards with a lower rank can be moved below a card of a single high rank but the color of the cards must be different
  • The game ends when one player clears all the cards

Setup of Double Solitaire

Before the beginning of the game, two cards are shuffled at a time. The cards are dealt identically to classic Solitaire. The board is divided into 4 main sections including the Table, Foundations, Draw Pile, and Talon. 

The Table

This is the main section where both the players play. Each player has 9 piles each. From left to right, a card is placed face up on the 1st pile followed by 6 cards face down on every subsequent pile.

On the next cycle, at the beginning of the second pile, one card is placed face up, followed by 5 cards face down on the next pile. This process continues until each pile has an increasing number of cards with a single card placed face up.

The Foundations

Both players have the same 8 foundations. This is an area where players make their sets of a constant suit. The foundation begins with an Ace and ends with a King. 

The Draw Pile

Both players have their draw piles that are formed with the remaining cards split in half after the dealing phase.

The Talon

It is the discard pile and these cards will be laid face up away from the table.


Double Solitaire is an interesting game. It keeps the players hooked till the end and motivates them to play fast to make their opponent lose. If you have not played it yet, give it a try.