Some of the Equipment You’ll Find at the Ritual Hockey

Some of the Equipment You’ll Find at the Ritual Hockey

Typically when you think about hockey, you might picture a hockey player in a red sweater, carrying a wooden stick and getting ready to take a shot on goal. Find these at That being said, let’s get straight to it: what equipment do I need to play?

Hockey Pants/Jersey

A hockey shirt and pants are a must for all players – no exceptions. The pants provide coverage for the side of the body and some protection for the hips. The jersey makes it so you can tell many players apart when they walk into the rink. The hockey jersey has a feel of your name on it.


This is where you can vary a bit. You should spend more money on your hockey players and purchase a pair of hockey skates. However, if you don’t have the extra cash, I would recommend getting something like an inexpensive pair of hockey skates


This is another piece of equipment that you will want to spend more money on. Remember, you’ll be using this for the rest of your life, so it makes sense to get something that will last a long time.

Elbow Pads

Next up are some elbow pads designed to protect the elbows and look pretty awesome! These are optional for female players and recommended for male players.


OK, this is a piece of equipment you do not have to play with.

Hockey Helmet

Even if you don’t play, you must wear a helmet. This is not optional, and there are all kinds of different styles and brands to choose from!

Hockey Stick Bag

This accessory can be found in various sizes and materials to carry your hockey stick. An added benefit is that it can act as a travel case, which can be useful when going on trips or tournaments!

Hockey Puck

Whether you prefer the old-school style or the new-fangled version (however, I’m still getting on board with the traditional one), a hockey puck is something that all players need to have.

Goalie Equipment

You don’t need to own a goaltending mask, but you can get one if you wish! This is optional and just something that takes time to master!


A pair of hockey gloves are required for all players – whether they are using the stick or not. Younger players might not need a glove because they only have their hands, but once they start playing more often, it’s best to pick up a pair of hockey gloves.


So there you have it! All the hockey gear you’ll need to play on the ice. Ritual Hockey carries all these materials and accessories, so visit if you require anything else.