5 different ways to say “I Love You” without saying it

In love with him or her and can’t say it to them directly? Well, it happens; when you are not sure if the feelings you have for them is mutual or not. But it’s not a good thing to keep your emotions in your heart and not express it.

Especially, when you love someone with all your heart, don’t keep it to yourself. Everyone loves to know that they are being loved by someone.

So give a break to your heart from taking the burden of hiding your emotions and let them know that they are in your heart and mind, for a good amount of time.

If you don’t think saying it directly is a wise way then you can use one of the tips given here and share your story with us.

Online gifts

If you know the best gift retailers in your city who come up with all options to convey a specific message to someone with the gifts, then sending a surprise online gift can be the best way to express your feelings to someone.

Sending a soft toy to say that I am thinking of you, a greeting card to write down your feelings on it, a pair of accessory that the recipient always wanted, to tell them that you care about them or just a bar of their favorite chocolate, to let them know that all you do is think about them all time.

So a gift can be the specific thing to let your special ones know how much you love them and want to be with them. 

You can have a great stock of gifts of love and romance to send to your special ones from MyFlowerApp.Com. 

Select coffee mugs, personalized gifts, key rings, cosmetics hamper, soft toys, chocolates, sweets, greeting cards, and many more to them online with the fastest online delivery services.


Nothing speaks better than the gift of flowers. Conveying love, care, affection, admiration, or any of such deepest feelings to someone, just do it right away with the help of flowers.

You can never go wrong to choose flower as your messenger of love. Be it a boy or a girl, you can send flowers to anyone to let  them know that you love them badly.

They will surely appreciate your way of saying it. You might probably get a positive response from them.

Send  Propose Day flowers, Valentine’s Day Flowers, I love You flowers, and many more  in their fresh forms, in varieties of designs such as in heart shape, in basket, in sleeves or in a coffee mug , within 2 to 3 hours to their place with online flower delivery.

A heart shaped Cake

If saying “I Love You” seems tough to you, then do it with a sweet present instead. What else can sweet and a messenger of love at the same time?

A cake in the shape of Love, right? So select among best options of cakes like red velvet, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, vanilla, black forest and many more and send your Miss You message to them through online cake delivery service. 

Dedicate a song

A song can win your heart at any time, any moment. If you know the person thoroughly, and their taste in music, then a song played exclusively for them can do magic.

You can make it play for them through an FM channel on Radio, or just play it for them in your car at a restaurant or anywhere.

Have a look in their eyes when the lyrics are relatable to your heart’s message and give a hint through your gestures that you mean it.

If you are a good singer, then there just write something and sing it to them to win their heart forever!

A hug

There’s a certain charm to actions and gestures over words. A hug, or even a touch sometimes, will convey more than any ballad you could pour your heart into.

So, when the words fall short, may be a hug could let them know what is going on in your heart and mind.