Blue World City vs Kingdom Valley Development Updates

Both Blue world city and kingdom valley are worth the investment. Moreover, both societies offer a variety of perks and privileges. The reason these societies has become popular rapidly is their futuristic master plan and affordability. Secondly, these societies are adjacent to Islamabad, making these societies a first preference for the resident of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.  So, if you want more information on these real estate projects, then continue reading.

Blue world city Islamabad

Blue world city Islamabad is a real estate project that has it all for its investors. From comfort to luxury, they have mastered the art of delivering. A blue world city is near Islamabad, which makes it suitable for both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Blue World City Islamabad Location

Blue World City Islamabad is near Islamabad, which makes this real estate project Interesting for Investors. The location is highly accessible for both residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the nearest spots from Blue World City Islamabad are Cakrki Interchange, M2 Motorway and Islamabad International Airport.

Blue World city Developments Updates

Blue World City is developing at a high pace to facilitate its investors. Moreover, this housing project divides into different blocks, such as

Blue World City General Block

There are some roads ready to operate in the Blue World City. Whereas work on other roads is still in progress. Moreover, the residential plots are available for possession. These residential plots are ready to sell in an easy one-year instalment plan. The sizes of properties available here start from 5 Marlas to 40 Marlas.

Cadet College Development

The work on forces cadet college in Blue World City is going on fastly. The management has made sure that there is no delay in the construction process of the college. Moreover, the construction of this college is soon going to complete. As per the Blue World City Islamabad management, the first residents of their society will receive free membership.

Blue World City Sector Five work Progress

Sector five of Blue world city is known for its 1 to 2 Kanal plots sizes, is also developing fast. And, soon this sector will be ready to settle in and open for its investors. Moreover, this plot is right in front of the forces cadet college.

General DevelopmentUpdates

Almost all of the footpaths are ready in the Blue World City Islamabad. Moreover, the street lights and street numbers are there to facilitate future residents and investors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad comes under Prime MiniterNaya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The core of this project lies in delivering basic needs shelter and other facilities to the resident of Pakistan. Moreover, the CEO and Chairman of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is MR. Ghulam Hussain ShahidSanpal. Lastly, a team of experts and professionals creates the Master Plan of this housing society which includes all the comfort and luxuries to its investors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Site Location

Location is the first thing that comes to our minds when we are looking to invest. As we have seen, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is at a futuristic and prime location, especially for the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is near Islamabad International Airport, Lahore- Islamabad M2-Motorway, the best feature in the investor’s eye.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Development Updates

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is famous because of its work progress. The construction work is going on, and soon all investors will seek benefits from it.

Roads and Blocks Updates

The construction work is ata high pace in the Kingdom Valley of Islamabad. Moreover, work on different blocks and sectors is also on its rise. Especially roads and signboards are now there to make it easy for the investors.  It will not be superficialto believe that investors will soon receive the developed blocks and sectors in the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.


Both Kingdom Valley and Blue World City are futuristic masterpieces in the real estate world. Moreover, both housing societies are developing fast and will be an excellent investment for investors. Choosing which one is better than the other will not be fair because both real estate projects have perks and privileges, and both aim to provide facilities to their future residents.

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