Does Cat Flap Installation Make Your Home Less Secure?

Cat flap is a door or entry point which allows cats to enter and exit without requiring anyone else to intervene. There is no need for a human to open and close the door.

Cat flap installation gives freedom in movement and makes a cat happy but there is a rising question of security. People argue that a pet flap installation can make a premise less secure. Again, if you reside in an unsafe area where crime rate is high, then you should consider security measures for the installation of pet flap.

Installation of a cat door will be like giving a free ticket to the burglars to enter your premises. Prior to the installation of cat flap, do consider the security of your house. If it is necessary to install a pet flap then do take security measures to increase the level of security. Even if the flap has a lock, it is not burglar proof. A lock can only deter other pets from entering and not the burglars.

What security measures should you take?

It is better to install the cat flap in the walls rather than on the door. This way, a burglar cannot get his hands to the flap to open the door. It is important to buy a cat flap which is comparatively smaller in size. Currently, cat flaps are available with a variety of features. You should look for an electronic lock requiring an RFID chip. This RFID chip may easily be installed on the collar of the pet. There are other ways also to enhance the level of security like you may get cat security alarms that come with sensors. This sensor can sense the weight of your cat, and if there is any difference, the sensor will start to ring. Installation of a motion sensing light and security camera right at the spot of cat flap can deter thieves and burglars. The crux of the matter is that you should install a home security system with video cameras, motion sensor along with activity alerts.

Installation of cat flap

Pet doors offer flexibility and allow pets to move freely. What you need is a correct system to allow an easy entry and exit to the cat. Look for magnetic and infrared systems that are quite safe and secure. You will have greater control on your pet where it can move freely and you can also lock the door to let it stay indoors. Cat flap installation is safe provided you are careful.

Look for a professional for cat flap installation. This reduces mistakes and installation errors.