Explore The Marvellous City Of Prague Like Never Before

Last year, I traveled to Prague on a family trip. “For an adventure-filled vacation, head to Prague.” That’s what my friend’s words were when I told him about my plans to take a few days off work and explore a European country. Though I was a bit hesitant about visiting and exploring Prague, there was something in my mind that gave me a green signal. And that was just what I needed to plan an itinerary. I took it to the Internet to plan my trip and listed down the best places to visit. Once I was done planning my itinerary, it was time to make airline reservations. Sky Airline is a reliable, comfortable, and affordable airline and it made sense to book flights with Sky Airline.

The city is home to ancient architectural structures that are known for their unique designs and holds great significance due to their link with World War II. Apart from castles, churches, and museums, the place has a number of gardens, hills, and a river to cherish the natural beauty of the city. There are bustling markets with many shops, bars, and cafes, and one must definitely not miss the Czech cuisine. The best time to visit Prague is spring and fall when the temperature is bearable with clear skies and the rates are not so high. I must say my trip was made possible with Sky Airline. Had it not been for Airline, I would still be thinking about exploring Prague.

Top attractions in Prague

Crowned with great architecture, panoramic views, and an endless list of adventurous activities will sum up Prague in just a few words. While you are in Prague, marvel at the great sights and appreciate the sheer beauty of the city. Take a look at the wonderful places that you must visit during your stay in Prague. With Sky Airline Reservations, an unparalleled experience awaits you.

1.  Prague Castle

This 9th-century castle covers an area of more than 70000 square meters, making it the largest ancient castle in the world. The castle is a great combination of modern and ancient architecture. There are several sites inside the castle including halls, palaces, towers, and other buildings to attract tourists while the gardens and the fountains cheer the surroundings in the Prague Castle. The popular National Gallery of Prague and the Toy Museum also reside inside this place. Some space of the museum is also occupied by the president of Czechoslovakia to run the administration.

2.  Charles Bridge

This UNESCO World Heritage Site started building in the 14th century under King Charles IV and completed in the 15th century. The bridge is 516 meters long that crosses the river Vltava in the city. There are 30 statues standing on the bridge that make the bridge more gorgeous. The night view of the Charles Bridge decorated with lights and shadows in the river making the view stunning is definitely a must-visit.

3.  Old Town Square

Located between the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square is a historical place where a number of important historical events took place. The square is filled with many architectural structures like the St. Nicholas Church, Old Town Hall, The Golden Angel House where you can enjoy most of your time. There are also statues and memorials of important persons including Jan Hus. Local and international tourists often visit the square during the festive season to see the charm of buzzing markets and to enjoy delicious foods and live music.

4.  Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is a great sightseeing place for animal lovers. Opened in 1931, the zoo is spread over an area of 120 acres and is home to more than 5000 animals belonging to more than 650 species. There are pandas, elephants, gorillas, hippopotamuses, and many more other varieties of animals and birds. The zoo is so big that an entire day is required to tour it and you will definitely not regret visiting this amazing place.

5.  Dancing House

This deconstructivist style of architecture is an example of a modern structure that was designed by the artist Vlado Milunić in the year 1990. It is a 9-floor building constructed on a site that was once destroyed by the U.S. bombings. This building is popular and stands unique among the other historical structures due to its non-traditional and modern design. You can visit its terrace for a gorgeous view of the city or spend some time in the art gallery.

Besides these, you can also visit other popular places in Prague including St. Vitus Cathedral, Lennon Wall, Petrin Tower, Golden Lane, Municipal House, Kampa Island, etc. Sky Airline Booking involves no complex procedure and one can instantly book flight tickets to Prague. So, if you are planning to travel, the airline will offer a unique experience.