Hillandale Farms Lists a Few Egg Tools That Professional Chefs Love

Hillandale Farms Lists a Few Egg Tools That Professional Chefs Love

After buying eggs fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms, one can prepare them in a number of ways. Buying a few snazzy egg tools for the kitchen would be a good idea for people who love to whip up egg dishes. Eggs are one of the most versatile foods around, and can be prepared in numerous ways. With the right tools in the kitchen, one can prepare many wonderful egg dishes with ease.

Hillandale Farms underlines some useful tools that chefs prefer

Modern day appliances and tools make cooking a lot simpler. There are a variety of useful tools available today that make it fairly easy for people to cook eggs, and can be a huge help in the kitchen. Here are a few of those tools:

  • Egg Slicer: Having perfect egg slices is important to dishes like potato salads, niçoise salads and many other recipes. They are also a good way to use leftover hard-boiled eggs. However, even with really sharp knives at home, it is not always easy to cut egg slices properly with the same thickness. Hence, it is better to use an egg slicer to evenly cut egg slices. There are multi–functional egg slicers available today that allows people to not only make slices, but also wedges.
  • Egg Cooker: Right from making amazing deviled eggs to trying out hard boiled or soft boiled eggs, a number of dishes can be prepared by this nifty egg cooker. They can also be used to poach eggs. All one needs to do is add water, place the eggs in the cooker and press start.
  • Egg Separator: There are many recipes like meringues that call for just egg whites. On the other hand, to prepare something like tiramisu one would just need egg yolks. This is why tools like an egg separator comes in handy. The egg separator perfectly separates the whites from the yolks. However, if one does not want to purchase this tool for just a few dishes, they can always try cracking the over a funnel as a makeshift separator. The egg white may fall right through while the egg yolk stays put.
  • Egg Coddlers: In order to prepare poached egg buddha bowls and egg-topped avocado toast, one can buy egg coddlers that make poached eggs in the correct manner. One can even choose to have a poached egg right out of the coddler.
  • Balloon Whisk: Whisking is the key to creating the perfect consistency for many types of food, including eggs. A balloon whisk can help people to make a great batch of fluffy scrambled eggs. However, one must see to it that they are whisking them for long enough.
  • Egg Ring: Getting egg rings would be a good way to avoid messy, egg-splattered pans. These rings prevent them from taking up the whole pan, and also help in creating perfectly round eggs every time.
  • Egg Timer: Rather than using the phone timer while boiling eggs, it is better to use an egg timer. They have a setting for all types of boiled eggs.

The egg tools mentioned above are loved even by professional chefs, and tend to be widely used across the world to help both professional and home cooks. They are a great way to prepare high-quality eggs from Hillandale Farms in a hassle-free manner.