How To Know If Embroidered Patches Are High Quality

Present fashion industry highly depends on embroidered patches to make the clothes more fashionable and elegant. Children to young adults every generation have a strong fascination towards clothes that are designed with meaningful patches.

Also some particular patches are used in uniforms of militaries which increase the demand and priority of such patches more. Also in some organisations these patches are used as batches which represent a particular brand.

Some famous designers have stated that these patches have become a regular requirement now. But before using any embroidery we need to make sure that the quality of such patches is good enough to last long. There are some tips you can consider to ensure your purchased patches are high in quality

Examine the boarders

Before you complete purchases always observe the borders of patches very well. This will help you to understand whether your selected patches are good enough in quality for sewn again if needed. Also the entire quality of such patches reflects through their borders. The quality of patches should be enough well to survive in the heat of iron and chemicals of detergent powders. You can identify the error if you see the whole border is not the same in comparison with the quality of sewn. If the sewn of fabric is not done correctly you could get an indication through examining the borders.

Assess the quality of fabric

High quality fabric enhances the quality of such embroidered patches. If you are someone who deals with or manufactures such patches you must have some idea about the quality of a cloth. Sometimes a clothes quality can be assessed by just touching them like a good quality fabric feels smooth. If patches feel rough you could consider it the issue of bad fabric.

Scrunch the patches

To assess the quality of patches you can simply scrunch it and then measure how quickly it returns to the previous condition. If the wrinkled gets vanished after sometimes you can consider it a high quality patch that is going to run a long way.

Check the stitching

A high quality patch should be stitched well so that no matter how many times you wear this it would remain the same. If you see any human error like bad sewn don’t pick that one patch it would not last long.

All the 4 tips can be followed to ensure high quality patches for making beautiful and super trendy clothes. Also trustworthy suppliers  who have a good reputation in such a business can assure you high quality without any doubts or assessments.