How To Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable?

When you visit a hotel in another state or a country, what do you expect? Proper understanding of your language and addressing your queries are the two things that every guest requires. The concierge service in a multi-star hotel is very common and a few years ago, this was an exclusive white-glove service limited to lavish hotels. But, competitions have increased over the years among hotels, clubs, B&Bs, resorts, and other retail properties. With customer loyalty being the utmost concern, the retail business is adding a concierge team who can anticipate the customers’ needs, welcome the guests in their lingo, and suggest services to choose from in a random yet calculated act of kindness.  

How Can Concierge Help The Guests

Right from checking in to the most suitable room, the concierge can assist the guests to choose services both from the hotel and while they go out. Here are how their service can help the visitors –

Unexpected Perks

Guests always enjoy a little pampering and unexpected amenities. The concierge team can make the guest feel special by offering amenities like fitness kits, additional medical assistance in case of emergency, healthy food for pregnant mothers, and kid accessories for newborns traveling with parents.


Apart from the universal language i.e. English, if your concierge service staff knows, understands, reads, and speaks the languages of travelers who frequent the property, the guests feel comfier interacting. This will also help them to ask for something in their language or form an emotional bonding with the welcoming staff to ask for recommendations about the places to visit during stay and more.

Welcoming And Kind Acts

The concierge team is observant enough to understand what the customer needs and also researches a bit about the visitors to know whether they have kids, any allergies, and the purpose they are visiting for. For example, the concierge team in a mall can help the visitors visit a particular store to buy the items of their choice. Decorating a suite for a honeymooning couple or providing proper food for visitors with any health condition will leave a lasting impression on their minds. 

Getting Tickets, Transports And Gifts

Guests often need emergency tickets for a show they want to attend while visiting or cancel a ticket to any attraction. Instead of letting the guests go through the hassle, the concierge can do that more efficiently and faster as they are familiar with the area.

This service is also very helpful in finding cabs, private cars, luxury transportation, etc according to the requirement of the guests. They help visitors get gifts from the on-site souvenir stores, withdraw money from ATMs, and get gifts from outside for the guests.

 Apart from these, your concierge team will help to find the childcare for your kids while the guests go out, help in upgrading of rooms, arrange pick-up and drop-off, track any lost item and find crèche for the pets.