Is the value of lab grown diamonds lesser than natural diamonds?

The answer depends on what do we mean by value. In resale value or monetary terms, yes, lab grown diamonds have much lesser value than naturally found diamonds. But in the case of appearance and use, the value remains the same. In fact, the value in the use of synthetic diamonds is greater than naturally grown diamonds because it is cheaper in cost than a natural diamond.

When the comparison is done based on money value natural diamonds have an upper hand because these naturally found diamonds are exhaustible resources, meaning, like petroleum and coal, they require billions of years of intense heat and pressure to born whereas, lab grown diamonds uk are in abundance. The production of these synthetic diamonds is continuously increasing so when the supply increases, the price eventually decreases. It is actually in reality that the prices of synthetic diamonds are around 30% lesser than natural diamonds and the resale value is in pennies.

Whereas, the resale value of natural diamonds only drops by a maximum of 50%. With that being said, we can assert that lab-grown diamonds are not a good option for investment. If you are purchasing jewelry and you know that you might sell it again, going for natural diamonds is the only wise option. Natural diamonds have historical value with them which makes them timeless and resalable. No one really buys second-hand synthetic diamonds; you can only sell them online or to a local store for a few pennies. Once you make the purchase the monetary value instantly drops to almost zero. 

Monetary value is not everything. If we consider the value in use, synthetic diamonds are way better than natural diamonds because as discussed earlier, they are affordable. Now lesser prices do not have anything to say about the quality. Synthetic diamonds are tested upon the same measures are natural diamonds and those are 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color, and carat. Synthetic diamonds are as good as natural diamonds when it comes to appearance because they are made up of the same material, carbon, and the process of creation is also the same.

The time is just reduced and the setting is in a lab and that’s all. If you are buying jewelry for daily use, you can go for synthetic diamonds without any second thought. No one can tell if the stone is synthetic or natural merely based on observation. Even experts use certain equipment to see the nature of the diamond. You can buy the same counterparts of the natural diamond at a 30% lesser price if you go for a lab grown diamond. You will be free to choose the preferred metal because of this cost-cutting. Synthetic diamonds show no problem with fitting into any settings and are also available in all shapes, traditional and modern. Always buy synthetic diamond jewelry from a reliable place like hatton garden jewelry shops. These shops have proper certificates of diamonds you are purchasing.