Is there an electric shaver that shaves as close as a blade?

The most common task that men do almost every day is shaving. A blade or electric shaver can do this task. An electric shaver is a modernized and improved version of the blade. In simple words, a blade is a tool that has sharp metal edges. These edges do the task of cutting or slicing things into thin and fine pieces. The commonly used tools such as knives, swords, and razors also have blades.

Previously, shaving was a big task. Many people had workers meant only to shave their beards and hair. But as time passed, people started doing things on their own. They always had a shaving kit consisting of the shaving brush, shaving razor, set of new blades, shaving cream, and after shaving balm. Whenever there was a necessity for shaving, a new blade was inserted into the razor, and then shaving was done. The main purpose of using a new blade because it will cut the hair fast and smoothly in one single stroke. Repeated strokes may harm the skin and make it hard. Even though sufficient precautions were taken, shaving with a razor having blades was always risky. The chances of injury are more in the case of razors having sharp edge blades. 

The innovation of electric shaver or razor changed the phase of shaving. This Trimmer for men is built with an oscillating blade and is powered with a small DC motor which can be run by either battery or switching the instrument to electricity. Nowadays, electric shavers are available with rechargeable batteries. The technology has enhanced the facility for the common man. Having enjoyed so many facilities, people still have queries like “Is there an electric shaver that shaves as close as a blade?”. People are interested in acquiring the best product for the investment made by them. So. such queries are obvious. A comparison between an electric shaver and a blade will explain their working procedure.

Working procedure of a blade and an electric shaver: The way the hair is cut depicts which tool is used in shaving.

A blade is used in shaving because it cuts the hair of the beard in one single stroke. A single blade is used in this sort of process.

An electric shaver is built using the technology of scissors. Like scissors cuts using two blades, the electric shaver uses its two blades to cut the hair. Further, the benefits enjoyed by using electric shavers are more than ordinary blade razors. Firstly, electric shavers are quicker. The skin need not be wetted for the smooth running of the shaver. A lot of time is saved, and the finishing look it gives is also good. Secondly, it comes in a small compact kit which can be carried anywhere as the kit will contain only an electric razor.

Conclusion: Despite having so many benefits, innovators are still innovating new products that are more beneficial than these electric shavers.