List of best selling flower bouquets to impress your bae in 2021

What is all the hype about flowers? For gifts, we pick flowers, to express feelings, we choose flowers, home decor again flowers, even to express sorrow over someone’s loss we pick flowers half of our life is dependent on flowers. But why? Have you ever given it a thought? Well, flowers fit all these situations, it’s an easy solution, which is why flowers have remained in a position where they never go out of style. To be honest, the fresh blooms can never go out of trend. They are so versatile to be called old fashioned.

Normally, if you look at a fresh blossom, different thoughts may cross your mind like you may be amused to see the way they bloom or may be mesmerised by their scents. But if you dig deep, flowers are deeply rooted in human life as they are responsible for multiple uses. Some use flowers for culinary uses, some prefer them for medicinal uses while others keep them for gifting purposes. In today’s time, I can’t comment on its household uses, but people still send flowers to Thane to their loved ones. Flowers as a gift – there are hundreds of flower species that can be gifted and are capable of bringing a big smile on the receiver’s face. However, I’m listing down some of the most popular picks that have been best selling in the year 2021.

Orchids flower bundles

Preparing the list of best selling flowers, how might we fail to mention orchids? This bloom is basically a stunning addition to your bouquet for any type of occasion. If you have bought orchids then you will know that they have a truly lovely smell, that is the reason they are even utilized in aromatherapy and perfumes too. Here I’m discussing the purple orchids since we are listing only the most bought ones. Purple orchids are the best among other colours of this flower and they are best to express feelings of admiration. Assuming you need to show somebody that you respect them a ton, go for this one. They will even function admirably if you need to compliment somebody. Orchids may cost you more than the other flowers on the list because these are known to be exotic flowers.

Mixed rose bouquet

Roses are top picked flowers till date. There is something about roses that makes them so irresistible. No matter how strongly you want to skip these flowers for your next event, the fresh bloom waiting for you makes you buy roses every time, right? So, next time you order flower delivery in Bangalore online, you can pick a mixed rose bouquet because they are currently one of the best sellers.

Carnation bouquet

Carnation is a lovely flower which is famous for its ruffled petals. The ruffles seem like they are crafted manually making it a very pretty addition to any bouquet. Most of the time the carnation flower is used as a filler along with other main flowers. I still don’t get why, but if you wish to use carnations solely for your bouquet, then go ahead, because a carnation bouquet too has become a popular choice amongst people. This ruffled flower is available in lots of pretty pastel colors like yellow, pink and red. These light shades are what makes them stand out from the other solid coloured blooms. Also, this bloom is scented but has very light notes that makes them more adorable.

The classic red rose bouquet

As you may definitely know what roses represent, they are the best imagery of romance and adoration. Roses are known to communicate love to somebody very special to your heart. For what reason do you think that rose flowers abruptly become so expensive as Valentine’s day is near? The reason is that no other bloom expresses the feeling of love as roses. Thus, if you need to communicate your eternity of love to somebody very special or even your mom or dad whom you love unconditionally, this bouquet ought to be your ideal pick.

These are some of the best selling flower bouquets that you can buy for your loved ones in the year 2021.