Master Reddit With These 5 Beginner-Friendly Tips

It’s the front page of the internet with over 52 million daily users from all over the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Reddit is a social media site that aggregates news and discussions. Needless to say, Reddit is extremely popular and has tons of information that might be interesting to you.

But for those unaware, Reddit can seem somewhat confusing, especially with constant updates and new features. If you want to learn how to navigate Reddit, then check out our Reddit tips for beginners.

1. No Matter What You’re Into, There’s a Subreddit for That

The best feature of Reddit is the large variety of different communities.

Whether you want to learn the piano, the cello, Tibetan throat singing, or if you want to look up birds that have been photoshopped with human arms, no matter what you’re looking for, Reddit has a dedicated community of users making content about it.

To find a subreddit, use the search function at the top of the screen in the search bar. You can then sort by relevance, popularity, or the specific time period when the information happens.

2. If Not, You Can Make a Subreddit for That

One of the best things about Reddit is the ability to make whatever community you can’t find. To create the subreddit, log in and navigate to the front page and press create a subreddit.

3. Learn Some Reddiquette

If you want to find interesting stuff on Reddit and meet a new community, you need to follow the Reddit rules and guidelines. You should also know how to change your Reddit username when you first log in to the site.

Though you might be asking: is Reddit safe? The answer is a resounding yes, as long as you’re careful about the links that you click and who you give your information to.

4. Spread Some Karma, Give Some Gold

Reddit offers a premium service that gives you the ability to give awards to users for posts that you like. Reddit Premium is a feature that allows you to browse without any ads and allows you to access special sections.

5. Master Multireddits

If you don’t like having to switch between different subreddits, you can group different subreddits together into a single view called multireddits. To make a multireddit, log in and press create under multireddit.

You also have the option of creating one using the URL bar. Do this by typing ‘the’

Want More Ways to Master Social Media Besides These Reddit Tips?

Learning how to use Reddit takes time and requires you to experiment to figure out the best way to use the site.

Our best Reddit tips are to know how to search for or create the right subreddit. Learn propper Reddit formatting and behavior rules, spread karma, and give rewards like gold when you see posts you like.

Understanding how to use Reddit is only one part of mastering social media. If you want more social media tips, then check out our blog.