Pest Prevention Checklist for Your New Home

Pest Prevention Checklist for Your New Home

Singapore is tied with Paris for second place among the nations with the highest cost of living. The unexpected finding is that Singapore also comes in second for homeownership. In actuality, 80% of Singaporeans are house owners! This is made feasible by government-sponsored Housing and Development Board (HDB) blocks, which make housing accessible and inexpensive for the general population.

New challenges accompany new residences. New homeowners typically consider the traditional considerations of location, proximity to amenities/schools/markets, structural layout, interior design, and so forth when looking for a property. The presence of pests, however, is one of the most important factors that might ruin any renovation or move-in plans. According to a poll, nearly 60% of Singaporean homeowners regret delaying getting pest control done on their homes.

Do You Need to Check for Pests in a New House?

Rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and termites are just a few pests that like Singapore’s hot and humid climate as a place to reproduce. The island nation is particularly conducive for pests because of the magnificent, lush terrain and foliage that cover the entire metropolis. Getting a professional pest inspection of your possible house before making any other decisions is the answer.

Rats, mice, cockroaches, beetles, and termites all prefer Singapore as a breeding habitat because of its hot and humid climate. Must we continue?

The key message is: Do check for pests before it’s too late in your dream home!

Why Can’t I Do My Own Pest Inspection?

Performing pest inspections is the most important aspect of any pest management strategy. An in-depth examination by a qualified and experienced professional can reveal the root reasons, breeding sources, harborage areas, etc. These specifics disclose the kind of pests that have infested your property, how they moved around, and the severity of the infestation. These stealthy destroyers won’t just wreck objects around the house but also compromise sanitation. You should ensure the house is ready to be a home sweet home if there are infants, young children, the sick, or the old nearby.

Pest prevention checklist for your new home.

Inspect everything

Check each item of furniture and appliance to ensure that all of the pieces are in good working order, that there are no cracks, and that there are no concealed pests.

Find Hidden Areas

Verify for pest activity in areas that are difficult to access, such as air conditioning units, artificial ceilings, false walls or partitions, attics, and roofs.

Explore every surface

Look for gaps, flaws, and cracks in all surfaces, including those of building structures (walls, pillars, partitions, skirting, etc.)

Finished Bins

Use trash cans with lids, and make sure the top is closed when not in use.

Prevent Clutter

Dispose of useless items like cardboard boxes and other packaging materials to lessen clutter.

Clean Up

Before moving in, thoroughly clean the house, paying specific attention to the cabinets, drawers, and other fixtures, furnishings, and appliances.

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