Put Your Customers in Control with a Queue Management App

One of the most frustrating things for customers is to feel like they’ve lost control and are trapped in your store waiting to check out or place their order. Such situations are also stressful for employees who may be confused as to who is the next person in line and who have to deal with grumpy customers. Adopting a queue management app can solve all of these problems. Says Andreas Hassellof, founder and CEO of Ombori, a leading purveyor of retail interactive technology, “Queue management apps also offer business owners a suitable way to track customer activity and use that information to create more effective processes”.

Benefits of a Queue Management App

With a queue management app, customers can see where they are in line simply by looking at their phone. This might be how many deliveries are ahead of them, where they stand in line to be served or when their customer service issue will be addressed. This easy-to-use app offers a number of benefits to the customer and to your business. These include…

  • Reducing congestion in your store or restaurant. According to Hassellof, queue management apps can be designed so that “customers can come to a business location only when they know they can minimize the wait time to be served.” This reduces congestion while still offering customers great customer service.
  • Empowering your customers. Hassellof shares the statistic that 63% of customers report that they want control over the type and frequency of communication that they receive from a particular business. Making customers feel more in control translates into happier and more satisfied customers.
  • Increasing customer loyalty. Increasing the control a customer has over his experience with your company is likely to result in his wanting to deal with your company again…and telling his friends and family about his positive experience dealing with your company.

Putting a queue management system to work for your company

It’s easy to get started with a queue management system. The first step is to contact a team of retail innovation experts like those at Ombari and give them an opportunity to learn about your business. They will help you determine what you want to achieve with your system. Is it to control traffic in the store or to minimize face-to-face contact while still offering excellent customer service? Only when they get a good idea of your business and your goals will they get to work designing an app that will fully meet your and your customers needs.

About Ombori

Ombori is an innovative technology company that provides a platform for ready-to-use, customizable, modular solutions for interactive in-store screens and mobile devices. In addition to providing queue management systems and apps, the Swedish-based company is the creative force behind such revolutionary in-store technology as a talking mirror that asks shoppers to take a selfie with it and an interactive window display that lets passersby shop without even entering the store. Ombori works with retail partners in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.