Spectacular Element of Home Décor- Paintings

Spectacular Element of Home Décor- Paintings

The vincent-van-gogh paintings are ideal for interior decoration, because no one can feel the spirit of the house better than the owners, accurately emphasizing its mood with the help of appropriate details. If there is nothing to stop the eye in the interior, it starts to seem boring and ordinary. Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of the oppressive emptiness is to decorate the walls with paintings. This option is suitable, first of all, for those who do not plan to engage in major repairs and serious alterations to their home, but really want to change the appearance of the room.

Advantages of picture decor

The main arguments in favor of decorating with paintings:

·         Relatively low price and wide range.

·         Ease of implementation. You can hang pictures on self-tapping screws or nails, or you can simply glue them, tie them with ribbons to a rail, and put them on shelves.

·         Easy adaptation to any interior. It is enough to change the color and style of the frames after the repair in the room.

·         Ability to change the position of paintings on the wall.

Options for placing vincent-van-gogh paintings on the wall by canvas Direct:

·         in one row horizontally or vertically;

·         symmetrical or asymmetrical;

·         triptych or group.

Rule of thumb: Less is better. Do not place pictures too high or low. The center of the picture is the center of the wall in height. A group of several paintings can be arranged in the form of a clear geometric shape or completely chaotic. The first option is more suitable for strict and classic interiors, while the second will be appropriate in modern youth homes. If the sizes and shapes of the canvases are different, you should try to distribute them evenly, visually highlighting a certain center of the composition. With proper selection, paintings can harmoniously fit into any room, regardless of its size and functional purpose. In addition, the presence of paintings can be considered as evidence of the owner’s artistic taste.

Wall decor with paintings is one of the earliest and traditional ways of decorating a home; however, due to its simplicity and unlimited options for selecting options, it is unlikely that it will ever lose its popularity.

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