Spherical optics – our products and materials

Our company Ard-Optics Co. Ltd, Armenia, received a registration certificate in 2007. Its founders are citizens of Armenia and the company Impex HighTech GmbH.

Over the years, the company has become a sales leader in the market for industrial and scientific IR-spectral crystal optics.

The dynamically growing demand for our products in the European optical market is due to the transition of industries to multichannel IR surveillance systems.

Industrial Base

Ard-Optics manufactures virtually all required optical components for most industrial lasers operating at wavelengths from 400 to 11,000 nm. Our optics is in great demand in high-power lasers for industrial processing — cutting, welding, marking, etc.

For the production of components, there are used raw materials from the world’s best manufacturers. Quality control is carried out with German precision and meticulousness under the relevant international standards.

All production processes have been worked out. The quality control stages and the technology for ensuring a guarantee have been built. Thus, our customers receive products of consistent quality at reasonable prices.

Our Production

In the production of the optical element, blanks are used from sapphire (artificial mono crystalline optical corundum), pure fused silica Corning 7980, and silica Fused silica UV grade KU1 and Fused silica IR grade K1.

This provides a wide operating range and high versatility of use, regardless of the product type: lens, window, beam splitter, prism, cone, dome, etc. For the convenience of selecting the necessary spare parts for lasers, the products are divided into groups:

Protective Glass

They are most in-demand for laser equipment and are designed to protect the laser head from contamination during operation. Quartz glass does not affect transmitted waves and is used on most laser machines.

Lenses for Lasers.

It is a critical component for optical focusing of radiation at a specific point. High-purity quartz is used for manufacturing, which allows obtaining the necessary parameters of the radiation supplied to the working space.

YAG Laser Optics

We manufacture optical components, lenses, windows, beam splitters, and prisms, from sapphire, fused silica Corning 7980 and K1, KU1 for solid-state (YAG) lasers. These lasers operate in the 300 to 2000 nm range in industrial materials processing, cosmetology, medicine, and scientific research, and other applications.

For use in high-power (from 2.5 to 8 kW) lasers, we manufacture optics from ultra-pure fused silica Corning 7980. For use in lasers up to 2.5 kW, optics are made of fused silica UV grade KU1. On request, it is possible to manufacture components from K8 glass.

Benefits of Purchasing Ard-Optics Products

Among the advantages of purchasing optical components from our company are the following factors:

  • The catalog contains optics for almost all models of laser machines.
  • If necessary, we offer individual production of an optical element according to the provided drawings.
  • The technological process of manufacturing the product is carried out on specialized equipment, which, combined with high-quality materials, provides a high degree of standardization and compliance with the specified parameters.

The site catalog contains sapphire, quartz, and glass optics:

  • Spherical lenses for YAG lasers
  • Precision optical windows for YAG lasers
  • Optical spherical domes, visors, fairings
  • Aspherical optics, beam splitters
  • Plane-parallel and wedge-shaped windows
  • Prisms, cones (including truncated ones), cubes
  • Reflectors and flow tubes
  • High-pressure sensors
  • Complex shaped sapphire details
  • Security windows of various shapes
  • Luxury watch windows
  • Sapphire windows for smartphones
  • Blanks of various shapes and sizes

Parameters and Price Factors of Our Products

At the production stage of sapphire and quartz products, strictly defined tolerances and parameters are laid down, which may differ for standard and custom-made components.

Standard parameters

This is the manufacture of serial and individual products according to basic values. Optimization of production conditions, meeting the necessary quality standards, allows us to apply an affordable price range to products.

Potential parameters

This is obtaining the characteristics of products that exceed standard counterparts. That is, this is the manufacture of products subject to additional costs. At the same time, due to the increase in labor costs and the cost of additional control, the price of the product increases.

Customer Service

Our fundamental task when discussing an incoming order is to correctly understand what each customer needs, to take into account all the nuances of the required product and the specifics of the client’s enterprise. This approach to ordering guarantees the comfort and success of teamwork.

Specialized and non-standard orders are carried out by craftsmen who are engaged in the modification of existing products and the development of new types of products according to customer requirements.

A qualified specialist accompanies the client in the course of the task. It facilitates interaction between the customer’s representative and the Ard-Optics manufacturing, engineering, or design units.

Thus, the customer receives expert opinion and possible solutions to the problem, which we will provide at our facilities under the stated requirements.

The commercial structure of Ard-Optics is represented by experienced sales managers. They are personally responsible for providing quality customer service.

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