The Singing Ship Sculpture And Have A Great Camping Experience

The Singing Ship Sculpture And Have A Great Camping Experience

Do you love to travel and do camping experiences out of town? Which destination do you plan to visit? Would you love to go for the beauty of nature, like witnessing the beautiful singing ship sculpture? You can have it! Do the camping in Emu Park and enjoy the serenity of the beach view with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Singing ship sculpture

Emu Park is the home of the famous singing ship sculpture. Witness the majestic monument of the area, commemorating the legacy of the historical explorations of Capt. James Cook. Who is Captain Cook? Well, this is your assignment! You can go and visit the place, bring your family or anyone you want to get along with and escape the hustle and bustle of city pollution.

The gentle sea breeze will remind you of how mesmerizing the sea waves are at night. It is a great escape from your loads of office work and forgetting those problems. It is time for a great escape, especially since the summer is about to end. Emu Park is perfectly-beautiful, making it a perfect camping site for all seasons.

What’s with the name Emu Park?

Emu Park has the original name of Hewittville. The reason for the name was the local emus and the park-like look of the foreshore. A hotel was opened in 1872. The land sales had begun in 1870. A lot of entrepreneurs had planned about it.

Good swimming spot

Aside from being an ideal camping site, Emu Park is also a good swimming spot for swimming lovers. If your swimsuit is ready now, you can have your camping experience at the front view of a beach, where you can see everyone happy with their family and pets. Yes, you heard it right.

Emu Park is a pet-friendly resort where many people loved the idea of allowing pets with them while on their stay. Many people had been choosing repeatedly and booking another camping experience at the park.

Perfect camping sites

What makes Emu Park a perfect camping site? The two camping site options made it an excellent choice for every camper. Here are the two camping sites options available:

  • Powered camping sites
  • Unpowered camping sites

Both camping sites are good. You will not feel away from civilization because you still feel the great amenities, like access to the kitchen, bathroom, and the appliances that you used to have at home. Powered camping sites have refrigerators, air conditioning, and also cooking tools and equipment – you can’t be hungry this time.

Unpowered camping sites can’t be left behind by the powered camping sites because it has kitchen and bathroom access as well. The only thing is that you will have the feeling of being away from city life – sounds refreshing and very unwinding.

Choose your ideal camping site now!