Treatment Used To Combat Gum Recession

Have you ever heard about receding gums? Do you know what it actually means when a person is suffering from the problem of the recession of the gums? Well, the recession of the gums means that the base of the teeth or the teeth roots start getting uncovered more than required. It is due to pulling away of the skin present at the root at the base. Hence more part of the teeth starts getting exposed. Eventually, it may start causing harm to the dental parts. To make sure that teeth are protected against any further damage, you surely need to combat this problem. Certainly, an expert and a knowledgeable dentist may offer you the requisite treatment. We are discussing the major treatments that are used to combat the problem of receding gums:-

Treatment Involving Open Flap Scaling 

This treatment is basically aimed at turning over the gum tissues that have been affected as a result of gum recession. It helps in the removal of hazardous bacteria from the gaps created amidst the teeth and gums. Once the bacteria are removed, the gum tissue is neatly secured over the roots of the affected teeth. Consequently, there is a reduction in the size of the gaps or pockets thus created.

Restoration Treatment

This type of treatment is required in such cases wherein the bones that support the teeth are destroyed due to the recession of the gums. The main motive of this treatment is to restore the bones and tissues lost in the process. The natural healing process is stimulated in this case with the application of regenerative materials including a membrane or a graft tissue when the gum tissues are turned down for reduction of the gaps. Following this, the gum tissue is secured in a careful manner over the teeth roots. As a result of this process, natural healing takes place and gum tissues grow so that pulling away of the tissues from the teeth roots may be prevented.

Grafting Treatment

In most cases, dentists advocate using connective tissue grafts for the management of the problem of gum recession. Suggested by the name, a flap of skin is cut and taken from the root of the mouth. Then the tissue is removed from this flapwhich is stitched to the tissues of the gums that surround the affected teeth roots. This process is chiefly aimed at covering up the overly exposed part of the teeth being treated near their roots so that the problem may be prevented from getting aggravated further.

With all these treatment options available for the problem of receding gums, you may get rid of this problem and hence enjoy the overall good health of the gums and teeth. Timely diagnosis and treatments help in the prevention of further aggravation of the problem.