Types of Transmission Line Accessories

Transmission line accessories are designed to provide superior performance and reliability to the electrical power network. In this blog we will tell you the list of the types of transmission line accessories. So, let’s get started.

Transmission Tower and Conductor

The transmission tower is one of the most crucial electrical power network accessories. Since the whole load of the transmission lines and accessories are taken by the tower. There are different types of transmission towers available in the market. To cater to the customers’ demand, many electrical power network companies customize the tower as per their instructions. Vaibhav Laxmi Industries offers you a tower which is designed to carry a whole load of phase and ground conductors in normal and abnormal conditions. Climate conditions play a significant role in designing the towers. We design the towers designed for icy, non-icy, coastal areas, cyclone areas, and heavily air-polluted areas.


Insulators for use in transmission lines can be categorized in different ways. The primary role of the insulators is to insulate the live conductor from the metallic tower at ground potential, but the important thing is that the insulator should be able to carry the tension in the transmission line. At Vaibhav Laxmi, we manufacture high quality based transmission line accessories like insulators with high-quality material. The insulators we provide you for the transmission line is mainly manufactured by using porcelain material. They are both used for transmission and distribution purposes. Here also, climate conditions matter the most. In coastal areas salt deposits on the insulators surface, resulting in increased leakage current on the insulator surface.

Daming Devices

Due to wind and ice, the transmission line swings. It may vibrate in three different ways:-

Galloping: Due to the deposit of ice above the conductor surface, the conductor cross-section resembles an aerofoil. The wind following across the conductor results in galloping of the conductor. Basically, it is an oscillation of the conductor at high amplitude and low frequency. We can provide you with anti-galloping devices that may be fitted to reduce the effect of the galloping.

Aeolian Vibration

When wind comes across the line steadily, then vortices are formed in the conductor’s backside, which is the cause of aeolian vibration. You can use Stockbridge dampers that are used to mitigate the effect of the aeolian vibration. As a leading and the reputed transmission line accessories manufacturer, we provide you with high quality based Stockbridge dampers at the affordable pricing. All our products are durable and withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Wake Induced Vibration: Wake Induced vibration takes place in bundled conductors. The aerodynamics forces in the downstream conductor give rise to the form of oscillation.

Suspension Camp

Suspension camps are used to hang the conductors and cables to the pole or tower. Vaibhav Laxmi offers you a wide range suspension camp that can suspend the ABC cable, optical fibre, and other cables to the tower effortlessly.

Hot Line Camp

Hotline clamp is used as a fixture between a Hotline and Transformer. It is made by using alloy and metal and used for the line tap distribution connections. It is incredibly insulting and controls the massive flow of the current.

Earthing Devices

Earthing and short-circuiting devices are portable equipment for temporary earthing or earthing and short-circuiting of disconnected or isolated switchgear installation. There are various types of earthing devices like, Rod type earthing, the Wagner earth device, etc. We have been manufacturing the powerful and high-quality rod type earthing and other earthing devices at a cost-effective rate. We have been in this business for several years; we know how to cater to the demand of the customers.

Why Choose Vaibhav Laxmi for transmission line accessories?

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Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on the types of electrical transmission line accessories helps you a lot. Vaibhav Laxmi provides you with superior performance and reliability for electrical network accessories. All our accessories are manufactured by using top quality material that runs longer and available at economical pricing. Our products are manufactured in the modern facility under the supervision of the experienced workforce. All our products are highly tested and withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Get in touch to know more about our products and services.