What is Food Grade Silicone and Why is it Better Than Plastic?

We all know that food safety is for sure a very critical matter around the world. This is why food products whether they are being made for local customers or to export internationally, have to follow a lot of food safety standards. 

Food-grade silicone is widely used around the world in quality food products. For this reason, it is essential that silicone manufacturers need to use the necessary food-grade machine parts, or they will end up losing their food licenses. 

Best Seller Heat-Resistant BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Baby Dinner Bowl

Best Seller Heat-Resistant BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Baby Dinner Bowl

But you’re probably wondering what is food-grade silicone right? We will be explaining what food-grade silicone is and what benefits it has and why is it better than plastic. 

What is food-grade silicone?

Well, it is a man-made synthetic polymer that isn’t only robust but also versatile and it is primarily made out of non-toxic silica. It is also resistant to very extreme temperatures, environmental stresses, and any other type of stress. It tends to replace more traditional options like rubber and plastic. 

Food Grade Silicone Manual Breast Pump Hand Baby

Custom BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Manual Breast Pump Hand 

When they comply with the FDA, it means that this material is safe to be in contact directly with food and beverages. 

What are the benefits of using food-grade silicone?

For starters, as we have previously stated, silicone is a very resilient material. And this makes that any food that passes through food-grade material, like food-grade silicone, probably won’t get contaminated not only because of extreme heat but also by other chemicals. 

This is something critical, as babies eat from a silicone feeding set. And we shouldn’t be exposing them to chemicals or anything toxic. Especially, when they are starting their development. 

Hot Sale Food Grade Silicone Baby Snack Cup

Hot Sale Food Grade Silicone Baby Snack Cup

Another benefit is that it doesn’t degrade quickly. It has high compressibility and elasticity. Another benefit is that since the nature of silicone is to be water repellent, this can be very beneficial if the products have applications that require it to be. 

If the food-grade silicone product is cared for properly, it won’t dry out, crumble, harden or crack, become brittle or rot over time. It won’t also get any discoloration or create unwanted changes in the food that can eventually make them unfit for consumption. 

They are also super easy to transport, save space, and are, of course, lightweight. Also, as we have already mentioned, is food safe, and also odorless. Doesn’t contain any lead or phthalates, BPA, or latex. 

Silicone Summer Beach Sets

Silicone Summer Beach Sets

As you can see, many benefits of using food-grade silicone not only for you as a manufacturer but also as a consumer. It is important that we also think about our environment as well as our health. And as long as we use products that will give us that we should be good. 

Is food-grade silicone better than plastic?

For sure. And it has a lot to do with the environmental problems that have been created by using single-use plastic. While plastic, especially the single-use ones, creates a lot of pollution and damages the environment, food-grade silicone ones, are way more durable, making them reusable. It might not change the general problem but is for sure a good first step in the right direction. 

It is also important and better than plastic because they don’t contain most of the harmful chemicals that plastic does contain like BPA and other phthalates. This is not only important for adults but most especially for babies and kids, as most of the products that come in constant contact are made from plastic or plastic-looking products. Especially their toys, teething products, and bottles. Imagine putting them in contact with so many chemicals during the most important years of their development. This can totally cause potential illnesses in the future that we can totally avoid by using products made out of food-grade silicone. 

Silicone Folding Dinner Plate

Silicone Folding Dinner Plate