What to do after successfully purchasing an instagram Id?

Now that the seller has handed over the Instagram Id and password, changing the credential and logging in with your Id and password is what you need to do. Unlink the account from the seller’s other account and re-link with other social media is a must thing. As you have already gone against insta policies by buying an existing account, it is better not to break and complicate any other rules.

So to boost your business from the insta account you bought, the first thing you need to know is the background of the account. If your business won’t match with the niche, it’s well and good to rebrand it.

Start searching every nook and corner of the insta to find any trouble is involved. Here you can start posting. Gain or pain involved, be consistent enough, and stay till you get a chance to hit in.

When advertisers and customers are highly active on this platform? Your business strategies cannot be complete without your Instagram account being active. Your responsibility increases after buying instagram account. Now you need to create a feasible strategy to increase the number of followers, sales, and marketing. When you post content it should be seen, followed, and commented on by your target audience. This helps in promoting to increase Instagram accounts for sale.

1.Introduce Yourself

Your profile should say about yourself and what you are here for? Keeping your logo gives more sense than keeping a random picture here. Include the link to your landing page on your website.

2.Create and post content.

Post the content regularly. Do not flood the profile that might irritate and annoy the audience. Posting one post per day is well and good to stay active. Always be consistent in posting and plan to post in peak office hours. If you post your content properly-happy are your audience and happy are you. Check your timing, just because you finished doing your content at the midnight, your audience cannot be made available at that time. Figure out the optimal timing.

3 . Run ad contests and giveaways.

Reaching people who are not following your account need a clear-cut strategy. Location tagging, running contests, Gifting, and working with social influencers in the field will show drastic changes. Profitable giveaways will result in making your insta active and increase sales.

Ask your followers to upload a picture with your product tagged is another idea. This works as a chain and people won’t forget the brand even if they forget the contest.

4.Respond to comments and messages.

This makes your audience feel touched, it increases your brand value. Responding to the messages which need attention is an appreciatable idea. Giving a personal feel to the audience will add value to your account.


Always check your posts are worthy enough to post compared to your competitors. Doing a post may take hours, but it takes seconds to go viral with a good post and it, in turn, boosts your business. The best idea is to read your content just after the post. Check whether you enjoy seeing that post? The answer is with you now.

Rome is not built in a day. So even if you start from an already existing account it needs to be followed and tagged for making it lively.