What to Know about Website Design?

In today’s world, one of the prominent elements for having a successful business is an attractive website. That’s why most people strive to have a website with high-quality features, and an eye-catching design plays an influential role in this regard. In other words, design is the main factor in judging a company’s reputation. In this article, an expert in website design in Winnipeg, provides some necessary tips that have been proven to work. Stay tuned with us.
1. Have a Clear Plan and Goal
Every web design should match the needs of the user. So, when you start to design a website, having a clear plan and a specific goal is the paramount priority.  In other words, you should make sure that each site, page, and section you work on, has a specific purpose that is addressed. It should include any details from providing information and entertainment to allowing some form of interaction and completing a transaction.
2. Consider A Simple, But Effective Design
Contrary to some people’s beliefs, these days crowded and over-designed websites are not attractive anymore. When a page is over designed and there are too many elements, visitors may get distracted and confused. Generally, a great web design should be simple, clean, and purposeful.
3. Think Carefully about the Images You Add
The images used on the web design layout can highly effect on the overall look and feel of a website. Poor images with blurred focus and inappropriate composition can reduce the quality of the design. Generally, using high-quality photos is a simple way to enhance your designs. In addition, make sure that each image you select, matches the content that appears with it. If a photo is not relevant at all to the part where it is placed, you may need to find a relevant one.
4. The Design should Be Responsive
Nowadays, people visit websites through different devices with different screen sizes. A perfect website is the one which can provide similar experience for visitors. If you create complex animations and effects, they may not work on every device. So, your design should be responsive and user-friendly. It should provide an optimal experience on desktop and mobile devices.

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5. The Website Content Should Be Readable
It is important to keep in mind that how easily people recognize words, sentences and phrases. In other words, your site should be highly readable. There are tips to achieve this goal: There should be enough contrast between the text color and the background color. In addition, a common web design rule is to keep your body text in a proper font. Do not use more than three different fonts on a website. Too many letters often look cluttered and distort your brand identity.
6. Do Not Forget SEO
Do not forget that the arrangement and design of a website has a huge impact on SEO. So, you should know enough about SEO. For instance, you should know how to optimize images to speed up loading time and reduce bounce rate.