6 Reasons why your business should have a website?

Today it is increasingly important, almost essential, to have a website, whether it is for your business, for a professional, or an association. But what are the benefits and advantages of creating a website? Why should those who still do not have one seriously think about developing one?

Why should your business have a website?

Here are 6 great reasons why you need to have a web storefront.

Protect your name from competitors

The moment you are there, you have acquired your position on the search results page, you can speak with your voice. Without a website, you are dumb but, above all, defenseless against the competition. Which does not necessarily have to ignore the fact that the website is absent: a competitor can also buy the domain and keep it still, blocked, immobile.

This means that you cannot use it for your business. You may not be interested today but what will you do when the time comes when that domain is needed? Who will you ask the competitor? Maybe he can redirect his site or create a portal to confuse those looking for your brand. The alternatives are many, not always easy to deal with.

Even if you don’t want to create the website right away (maybe it’s not the right time) it’s always a good idea to have domains with the main extensions of your name or brand.

It is the only proprietary platform

The website is owned by whoever buys the domain, so so are the published contents; the contents that are published, for example on the Facebook page, are not 100% controllable as they are owned by Facebook. This last case is rather risky from a business point of view; let’s try to imagine what would happen if Facebook decided to close its doors. What would become of the contents and all the data collected with commitment over the years? They would be lost and unrecoverable!

It is a “business card”

The website is a showcase in the world open 24 hours a day, which allows you to make yourself known internationally and increase the visibility of your business; through the website, companies can introduce themselves, tell about themselves and describe the products and services they offer. Furthermore, for a company having its website m ns keeping up with the times, and this undoubtedly makes its reputation and image on the market better.

Everyone is searching on Google

Since the latest We Are Social research in January 2020, internet users in the world in 2020 amounted to 3.77 billion, with a penetration of 50% of the world population; this means everyday day millions and millions of users search for information online before purchasing products and services. Therefore, not having a website is like being invisible in this market, and in 2020 it is no longer acceptable and sustainable, especially given the very high number of users, who at the same time are also potential customers.

A new way to interact directly with users-customers

A website is an excellent tool for establishing lasting relationships with customers and retaining them through personalized offers, reserved for site users, or by presenting them with products in advance. The traffic on the site can be significantly increased with a newsletter or with a company blog, which offers captivating and engaging content for users-customers.

Provides statistics on its target

Through the website, it is possible to collect statistical information on the behavior of users within the site, to know exactly how many there are, which pages they prefer to visit and what searches they have carried out. This allows us to evaluate what the market requires, and increases the probability of proposing an offer that is more effective and more consistent with the demand and needs of consumers.


Often the sites are abandoned to themselves, neglected, and not updated: this entails for the company not considerable damage to its image but economic damage. Designing and creating a website offers numerous opportunities, but it is essential not to underestimate the graphic aspect, the texts, the contents, the technical aspects, and the consistency of the same with the needs of the application.

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