Content – The Language of Marketing and SEO

Content – The Language of Marketing and SEO

We think of many things when we think of marketing. Someone reading a newspaper would think of marketing and point to the many ads in a typical newspaper. Another person watching videos on YouTube would point to things like YouTube ads when marketing is mentioned.

The common perception of people on the outside regarding marketing is dominated by one word – ads. Advertising can be seen as an outsider’s perspective on marketing.

Things in life often get divided into categories – the literal and the intrinsic parts.

In literal terms, marketing is largely advertising. Even someone publishing a Facebook post to promote something to friends and family is advertising without actually paying the platform.

Brands and companies posting blog content are doing so not out of the goodness in their hearts. They wish to play a role in the mainstream narrative of content in their respective niche. Every piece of content published is a form of advertising.

So if the literal form of marketing is advertising, what is it that lies beneath the surface?

Content – Beneath the Surface

All forms of advertising at its core is one thing – content. A newspaper ad is a form of content presented in a way to influence a reader.  A YouTube ad tries to make people aware of a brand and the products and services under its ambit in a video format. It too is a form of content.

The intrinsic part of marketing is undeniably content. Through well-planned content narratives created in various mediums and disseminated on different channels, companies seek to create the right environment to increase sales. In short, content becomes the life-force behind marketing.

SEO has been a big reason behind content being acknowledged as an important part of marketing. It is not as if content creators was non-existent before SEO came along. However, SEO has shed light on how important content is in the field of marketing.

Content and SEO – How Do the Two Work Together?

SEO is nothing but a set of guidelines that give writers pointers on how to write content. In order to make the content create more discoverable, it is important to SEO guidelines.

There are a lot of different ways content has to be optimized to meet SEO guidelines.

From using a title that contains to target keyword to choosing the right heading tags, using keyword and related keyphrases in the content, and so on. Writing SEO-optimal content requires as much creativity as it requires technical knowledge. This is why content writing is a profession in itself.

For any marketing effort to work these days, there is a definitive need for organic traffic. If people are not coming to a website on their own volition, that means marketers will have to pay to get traction which is not sustainable in the long run.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article gives readers an insight into how content forms the basis of many marketing techniques and practises.

About the Author – Shubham Gill is a well-known marketing specialist who has the experience of working with some of the biggest companies in the world. He is also a guest trainer at, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.