Struggling to captivate customers online? Follow expert marketers’ advice

To run a successful and thriving business, having an online presence is essential. However, running an online business can be quite a hassle. It would be best to have the right tools, the right resources, and the best platform to represent your business. But, above all, you need to be able to captivate customers online. If you fail to attract them, your business will fail.

Having a stable rate of traffic online is crucial to maintain SERP ranking and increase business productivity. Marketers believe that there are plenty of ways you can increase traffic on your profiles and websites, some of which we have discussed below.

1.    Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization undoubtedly ranks as the best tool for increasing your website’s visibility and searchability on several search engines. Remember, your ranking directly depends on the visibility of your website on Google. Hence, optimizing your website is key to increasing ranking and eventually captivating customers online.

Several elements come into play when you want to improve your SEO. The first is keyword research. Keyword research is the most vital element. It analyzes several different phrases and terms your customers are likely to use on search bars and calculatedly places them in your content. However, customers don’t need to find you only on search results. They can also find out about your business through different websites. Such a strategy is known as backlinks, where your website’s link appears on the other site as part of its content. For your backlinks to work efficiently, make sure your backlink strategy includes original, high-quality, and visually-driven content. Backlinks have the power to attract customers unimaginably—the greater the number of backlinks, the better your search engine visibility.

SEO is an incredible tool to attract customers to your website. However, optimization is a time-consuming process; it does not happen overnight. The results of SEO are long-term but worthwhile.

2.    Social media

Social media is taking over our lives by storm. It is one of the most crucial digital tools amongst teens, adults, and young adults. Even middle-aged people inescapably use it. Social media’s regime is here to stay. After all, it is unavoidable and quite powerful.

If you are searching for how to captivate potential clients online, social media is your answer. However, it would help if you used the tool correctly and strategically. Make sure you are posting on your social media handles regularly and consistently. Pick the most beneficial channel (Facebook is the most popular and remunerative amongst all, but you can consider Instagram and Snapchat as well). Still, it is better to have a social media profile on more than one medium.

Furthermore, you can also consider running giveaways and hosting digital events. Giveaways can massively increase interaction on your page and boost your following. After all, who doesn’t like a gift? Similarly, hosting live events gives your audience a chance to interact with you. You can invite an influential individual to make your live streaming more fun and interactive.Lastly, always use high-quality content. Don’t ever compromise on your content. It has the influence to make or break your business single-handedly. Using graphics like images and videos can incredibly increase your engagement.

Using social media strategically and opportunistically can be of great advantage to your business. Almost 90% of marketers believe social media to be one of the most robust tools to captivate customer attention.

3.    Promotions

Promotional offers and discounts are undeniable for many customers, even if they are purely psychological. Promotions are a historicallyproven helpful marketing tactic. Giving discounts can drive immense traffic to your site. Other than that, you can also use your online presence to make noise about any ongoing promotions and offers.

However, sometimes these promotional offers are just a psychological mechanism. Studies claim it is not the discount that excites customers rather than the terms’ free’ or ‘sale.’ Whatever the case may be, a promotion strategy is an excellent way to target the correct audience. It also helps in establishing brand awareness and differentiates you from your competitors.

4.    Well-designed online store

The first impression is the last. Your customers’ first impression largely depends on how beautifully you designed your website—specifically, the homepage. A well-painted, attractive, and easy-to-use site is usually customers’ favorite.

As mentioned above, use as many graphical illustrations as you can. Use various images and videos and source them accurately. Adding graphics to your content can attract 50% more customers. Although, don’t go overboard or too fancy with your content. Use a consistent font and stick to a single color palette.Also, make your site as user-friendly as possible. Please don’t make it too complex for customers to browse through. Make sure customers do not have to click more than twice to reach their desired destination. An easy-to-navigate through the website is crucial for capturing customer interest.

5.    Email marketing

Emails are by far the most professional way of communication. There are 3.9 billion email users globally with 47% click-through rates. Email-receive rates account for nearly 294 billion per day. Reports also show that 81% of businesses grow with email marketing, and emails have an 82% opening rate. Not only this, but emails also accumulate a great return on investment (for every $1, you can expect a return of up to $42).

The statistics above alone prove how beneficial email marketing is. Emails allow direct communication between clients and businesses, improve sales, and increase leads. Moreover, emails are a great tool to add personalization to your content. Emails with personalized content (expressly subject line) have a 26% greater opening chance. Emails are an indirect self-promotion forum with very minimal costs.

Emails are convenient, easilyaccessible, and instrumental. Therefore, more than 73% of marketers consider email marketing the most beneficial marketing strategy to attract potential customers.

6.    Conclusion

Captivating enough visitors is critical for all online businesses. The greater the number of customers on your site, the better. It will help you increase your site’s conversion and convince your trusted visitors to convert into paid customers. Also, increased traffic is likely to leave a good impression and build customer relationships. It also helps maintain and improve your ROI.