University of Phoenix Alumni: From Surviving to Thriving and Making a Difference at Age 42

You’re never too old to pursue your dream and make a difference. That’s the message University of Phoenix graduate TaKisha Kegler got from a University of Phoenix alumni video. At the time, she’d all but given up on her dream to teach kids. She was working three jobs, exhausted and barely making ends meet. However, she saw herself in the alumni story. Like Carmen Bravo, the woman in the video, Kepler is female, a minority and a first-generation college student. She says, “I was so inspired by Carmen’s story. I saw myself in that video. I knew I was ready to contact the University of Phoenix immediately.” Within a few hours, she had sent for the information that would start her degree journey.

Kegler says the flexibility of classes and the support of her academic advisor, Paula Boone, made it possible for her to complete her master’s degree in public administration. Working full time and caring for her disabled mother, Kepler’s time was extremely limited. That’s why she liked the online classes that eliminated the time lost driving to and from classes. They also gave her a chance to complete her assignments when she had time, whether that was late at night or on the weekends.

Her academic advisor was a constant throughout her degree journey, checking in with Kegler regularly to make sure she had everything she needed to excel in her classes and complete her degree. However, Boone believes it was more than just her help that saw Kepler through to graduation. She says, “At a time when she was being let down, she stayed positive. It was that positive attitude that got her there.”

Kegler is now working as a behavior technician and helping kids with disabilities learn the specific behavior skills in their individualized learning plans. She says, “If I hadn’t had all the help and support from the staff at University of Phoenix, I would have never had the confidence to pursue my degree or these amazing job opportunities.” She adds, “You’re never too old to pursue your dream.”

Online classes at University of Phoenix, like those that Kegler attended, are a great way for students with busy schedules and numerous demands on their time to earn a college degree. Online students can have an engaging experience like in-person students…just in a different format. Online students have an academic advisor to help see them through their degree journey. They are also able to have direct conversations with their instructors and collaborate with other students on projects. Details and a complete catalog are available at

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