Essential information for Performing Belkin Extender Setup

It will be feasible for you to extend the Wi-Fi network in hard-to-reach locations with the help of the Belkin Range Extender. It aids in enhancing the performance of your network by repeating the wireless signal from the router.

Moreover, it features the Spot Finder technology for checking and adjusting the range extender’s location. Belkin.Range is used for setting up a Wi-Fi range extender and for this we don’t need to use any wires or cables. Here, we have mentioned some vital steps that you ought to follow for performing the Belkin Extender setup.

Performing the Belkin Extender setup

It will be imperative to verify that the main Wi-Fi network is functioning properly prior to starting with the Belkin extender connection. If possible, it ought to function properly without any sort of interruptions. If everything is OK, then follow the subsequent steps:

1. The power connector of the extender must be connected to the router in case its distance is more than 10 ft. from the router.

2. Following this, make sure to connect the system to the Belkin. set up the network wirelessly by choosing it from the accessible Wi-Fi networks list.

3. Next, allow some time for the machine to connect properly to the network.

4. Then we have to launch any browser such as Google Chrome on your computer or laptop.

5. Enter https://belkin.range in the URL field, and then press Enter. You will be guided to the configuration page of the extender.

6. Click the button named “Get Started” for starting the process of installation.

7. You will be able to see the list of the Wi-Fi networks that can be accessed.

8. Following this, choose the Wireless network SSID that has to be expanded.

9. Wait for several seconds after pressing the Next button and wait for the connection to become established.

10. Type in the password on the subsequent page for the Wi-Fi network which is now active, and click the Next button again.

11. The Extended Network information of Belkin will be displayed on the screen after the configuration has been completed.

12. The Belkin extension has to be unplugged from the current location for completing this step.

13. It has to be connected to the new site right now.

14. Verify the successful configuration of the extended network of Belkin by linking any wireless gadget to the network.

Setting up Belkin extender with the help of WPS key

In case it is feasible to locate the WPS key on the extender and the router, then follow these steps mentioned below:

1. Plug in the extender into the power source close to the router after restarting the main router.

2. Next, make sure to press the WPS key. It has to be held for a couple of seconds after which you must release it in case the WPS LED starts blinking.

3. Following this, go to the router immediately, and the WPS key has to be pressed there as well within a couple of minutes.

This should be adequate to get the job done for you. Verify whether the WPS LED light of the extender happens to be solid green. Otherwise, it will be advisable for you to perform the steps once again after restarting both devices.