Sharon Deflorio – A Motivating Role Model and Inspiration in The Business Development Industry

Business development is a demanding profession, and if you aspire to join the industry, you must be agile, creative, and have excellent communication skills. Your sole responsibility is to boost the company’s lead conversions and revenue. As a professional, you should like people and interact with them to attain success in your profession. Business development is a lucrative career with several opportunities for growth and personal success. 

Sharon Deflorio – an esteemed name in business development 

Sharon Deflorio from Norwalk, CT, is a solid name to reckon with in the business development sector in the region. She holds rich knowledge and experience in the above field with proven track records in lead generation conversions and boosting revenue for the company. 

She was an Executive Compensation Analyst with Xerox and served the team that handled executives’ compensation and equity at managerial levels. In the past, she was a Corporate Paralegal with Terex Corporation, where she effectively provided insight and corporate governance for over 100 domestic and international subsidiaries.

Before joining Terex Corporation, she was a corporate paralegal with Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal in New York. She is a successful, high-performing corporate professional who effectively looks after and establishes relationships across different business activities with C-suite individuals and executives with valuable net-worth. 

Recently, she completed a comprehensive Mastering Sales Course at the esteemed institute Northwestern |Kellogg. Adelphi University received a Paralegal Certification, another certification from The Center For The Media Arts in Broadcasting and Media. She graduated in science from The John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 

A multi-sport athlete who believes in good health and happiness 

Being active is the key to staying physically fit, and she loves playing tennis, participating in half-marathons, and cycling. She is also a multi-sport athlete who believes in good health and mental happiness. 

She believes in serving the community and regularly participates in fundraising activities for various charitable causes. She is an ardent philanthropist who supports programs that create awareness and puts an end to the evils of child abuse and neglect. She also supports charitable causes linked to research in cancer and multiple sclerosis. 

A proactive and inspirational leader

Being a proactive leader, Sharon Deflorio loves to upgrade her skills and is ready to learn new things for career advancement and professional development. She believes that opportunities for personal development always bring new opportunities to the team, which goes a long way in exceeding key performance metrics in business development. 

When it comes to life, she likes to keep stress at bay by being happy and spreading positivity around. Life has its pressures. However, one should never forget self-investments in happiness and health. In this way, can one attain the perfect balance between work and life? Mental health is also essential, so one should focus on meditation and slow, deep breathing exercises to remove clutter from the mind and keep the signs of stress at bay! A healthy mind and healthy body goes hand in hand.