How To Teach Online In 2021

Teach online, earn and become an influencer, doesn’t it sound amazing?

Teaching has always been perceived as a boring profession. We didn’t have any idea that innovation and technology can make it interesting and fun. E-learning has gained huge limelight over the last few years. Especially, the lockdown of 2020 has proved to be a blessing for the EdTech Industry.

Online teaching and learning have become the new normal. The entire education system would have collapsed if the eLearning would have not been there.

According to the studies, we can say that online education is here to stay. We are in the mid of 2021 and still, the schools and colleges are operating through online mediums. Consequently, the demand for online courses is increasing day by day. The competition is getting intense but still, there is a lot of space where you can fit in.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick a topic, research it and create an online course on it. There are many online course hosting platforms like Spayee where you can host your online course.

The best part about teaching online is that you don’t need to have a particular degree to start your online institute.  All you need is a little passion, in-depth knowledge, and a target audience who would be interested in purchasing your online course.

Apart from earning a decent amount of money, you would also be able to establish your personal brand while teaching online. It is not necessary that you need to have tonnes of money to build your online institute.

Steps to teach online in 2021

1- Choose your Niche

The first step while planning to launch your online course is to finalize your online course niche. You could be good at doing multiple things but you can not teach all of them. You would need to pick something as your niche that you are extremely passionate about. Only passion is not sufficient, you should also possess in-depth knowledge of that topic.

Try to analyze the market trends. So that you can understand if people would be interested in purchasing your course or not? 

You would definitely want to earn a handsome return on your investment. You would want people to purchase your course, right?

So, your niche should be something like –

Talent + Passion + Market = Your Profitable Niche

2- Validate your course niche

Now that you have chosen your niche, you have to validate your course idea to know if it’s profitable or not. One of the easiest ways to validate your course idea is to conduct frequent webinars. This would help you in understanding your target audience in a much better way. During your webinars, try to pre-sell your course.

You can also take their feedback on particular topics. You can ask them questions like-

  • What do they want to learn from you?
  • What should be the duration of the course?
  • What price they are willing to pay for your online course?

This would help you in modifying your course according to your target audience.

3- Choose an LMS

Choose a course publishing platform which is 100% safe and provides robust customer support. You can go for Spayee as they ensure 100% content security.  While adding your course to your chosen platform, you would need to set the price of your course.

3- Start creating your course content

Once you choose the LMS, start creating your course content Anything can be taught using audio, video, and PDF but there are certain niches like art and fitness that can be taught only through videos. They require very few text lessons. Hence, choose the course format according to your niche.

Pick a course hosting platform like Spayee. They provide amazing features at an affordable price. You could also use their forever free plan if you want to start your online institute for free.

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