Importance and Usage of Adjectives in English

An adjective is a word that adds a description to a noun or a pronoun. For example, after adding an adjective to the word ‘man’, he becomes tall or attractive or a good-looking man.

An adjective describes how the thing is. Adjectives or describing words are not only found in the English language but in every language.

Therefore, adjectives play an important role when it comes to language. Using descriptive words or adjectives in a sentence implies that we can express the nature of an item or an individual.

The use of articles is also important in a sentence as it specifies an individual or the thing. Without the use of adjectives, we can’t determine the resemblance of the articles in a sentence.

Read on to understand the importance of adjectives in a sentence.

While reading a newspaper or reading a book, we come across various adjectives used with nouns.

Therefore, when we look at the importance of adjectives in the English language, various ideas come to our minds.

Read on to understand the importance of the adjective in the English language.

  • An adjective helps in describing and adding more values to a noun. It tells us more about a noun. It tells us if the noun is a place or a thing, or a person.
  • The use of the right adjective helps us understand the detailed description of the noun so that we can find out the proper meaning of the noun and also understand the proper condition of the noun.
  • The adjectives add a special effect to a sentence. The presence of an adjective makes the sentences more meaningful and more interesting.
  • Adding adjectives is quite essential in a sentence. But, it is also important to understand the usage of the right adjective and at the right place.

Adding an adjective to the sentence makes the noun more visual and distinctive. While reading a text, it gives a more lively feeling.

It gives a sense of touch, smell, see, taste, and even notice what you are trying to say. The adjectives are either used while talking or even on paper, but you must know what the right adjective for a noun is.

The right adjective for a noun can be understood after you have practised or read various texts. It is important to practise English grammar to improve your knowledge of adjectives.

But what is meant by the right adjective? A right adjective is the right describing word for a particular noun. Check the examples provided below for your reference.

Usage of Adjectives

We all know that adjectives are the describing words for nouns. They are used to describe the quality of a noun. Therefore, it is important to understand the correct adjective to be used with a particular noun.

For example, the noun book can be described as interesting, mysterious, adventurous, thrilling, etc., but some adjectives like tall, cute, furry, etc., may sound inappropriate when used with a book.

Similarly, the various adjectives that can be used to describe a lady can be pretty, beautiful, cute, hardworking, etc. But, adjectives like think, huge, etc., sound inappropriate and make no sense when used with the noun lady.


  • You can use four red roses for the decoration.
  • My puppy is naughty but is adorable and very obedient.
  • She is leading a happy life.
  • He is so dedicated and motivated towards his career.
  • This is the coldest week of the month.

How Do Adjectives Modify Nouns?

  • She is wearing a beautiful dress.
  • You have a really messy bed.
  • She is carrying a sweet smile on her face.

In the above sentences, finding the adjectives is easy because they are used right before the nouns. Some sentences like:

  • She looks happy today.
  • I think driving is faster than cycling.
  • The room smells gross.

The adjectives are not directly used with the nouns but add value to the sentences.

Hopefully, you have understood what adjectives are and how they are important in the English language.

There might not be any specific adjective for a specific noun, but it is essential to understand which adjective to use and with which noun.